Finding Life Clarity in my Closet

  The article below is an unbiased and truthful review of a product or service. It is not paid for or sponsored in anyway. For more info visit: work with me This last spring, I asked Patti Morrison, Image Strategist to come into my home and help me to clean out my closet. Let me READ MORE

‘Daily COMPLETE’ – Spring Self Care from Moor Spa

  Spring is in the air, renewal is everywhere! It’s a good feeling. And it’s around this time of year where we need to start taking stock and checking in to see how our ‘self care’ is doing. Are you doing well? Or, like many of us, has the spiral from the Holiday Season and READ MORE

Chorus Supernatural – Hair Care That is Out of This World

  It’s not easy being a ‘boat rocker’ and that’s because you have to go against the ‘norm’ and not be afraid of pushing the envelope, being innovative and standing strong in your convictions while the world around you plays it safe and sticks with the herd. I’ve never been one for hanging with the READ MORE

Worry – The New Epidemic – 4 Steps to Eradicate This Peace Killer

Worry, the currency of insanity. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Worry is a Word that holds a pretty sizable definition. Not so much in word count, but more as in energy expended in taking this action in your life, day in and READ MORE

10 Signs of Disrespect ~ How to Rise Above it

As a person in Business and in life, we can often come face to face with disrespect. It can be disrespect from colleagues, disrespect from our exes and the father/mother of our children, disrespect from our parents or peers, it can be disrespect from government officials, or any person of authority. Disrespect can sneak into READ MORE

The Truth Hurts ~ Only Those Who Refuse To See It.

The truth is pretty subjective because everyone believes THEY are telling the truth, that they are the RIGHT ones, that they know ‘what is what’. I’ve pondered this over the years because I have considered myself ‘burdened’ with the sense –  and the mission, that seems to run entirely on its own agenda –  to READ MORE

The Learning Garden – Teaching Children to Grow!

  LifeSpace Gardens is a local organization that I’ve been supporting in OTHER ways for quite some time now. We connected with them for our last SayHiToaStranger event in Vancouver in August, 2015. They provided a PoP uP Garden in the Olympic Village as a Check Point for strangers to come and hang out, eat READ MORE


If there is one thing I love supporting it is businesses that operate with sustainable and humane food practices that are transparent to us so that you can Know where your food comes from. BUY LOCAL is one of my mantras and Urban Digs Farm has been a long time favourite of mine because of their READ MORE

From Dull to Delight in 5 Easy Steps – Choose Happiness

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” ~Dale Carnegie Happiness is that ever elusive place that all of us want to get to, and yet we feel that we just can’t seem READ MORE