Worry – The New Epidemic – 4 Steps to Eradicate This Peace Killer

Worry, the currency of insanity. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Worry is a Word that holds a pretty sizable definition. Not so much in word count, but more as in energy expended in taking this action in your life, day in and day out. It clings to us like a bad perfume, slithering along with us wherever we go and offending our senses every time we turn a certain way, or shift our clothing. It hangs in the air – invisible – yet potent and toxic giving us a headache and making us miserable. We feel powerless to get rid of it, how can we? It’s invisible, its just THERE, we cannot escape it! Worry is just something we all have to deal with – RIGHT?


worry an epidemic that can be eradicated with four steps - Kaare LongWorry is not a healthy state of being. Just because something is popular doesn’t make it the right choice, or the most intelligent choice. This rule can apply to MANY things, but it most certainly applies to worry. It has become an epidemic in our culture, one that is just accepted and that we let RULE over us without a thought of mutiny. But, this good ship that we sail, that is our body, mind and spirit cannot stay afloat if worry keeps calling the shots. It will eventually kill us and sink with it all our precious cargo of skills, dreams, talent, joy, love and the breath within us. We simply cannot allow this thing to keep piloting our ship. But how do we stop it?

Lets worry about worry now shall we? 

NAAAH….lets not. There is a way beyond this patterned way of thinking and I for one, am super keen to learn what it is. I recently became aware of a local speaker and wonderfully genuine woman Isabelle Mercier Turcotte of LeapZone Strategies. I came to know about her through my work with my business a Cue Creative Consulting. Isabelle is a speaker at an upcoming event for eWomenNetwork – widely known as the Premier Women’s Business Network in North America. I’m on the leadership team as the online community leader for our chapter in Vancouver, so I was connected to these speakers to set up their FB live broadcast within our own FB private group.

As with the Universe and the way it works – I have recently been setting the goal for myself to WORRY less. Not even eradicate it, but just lessen it. It’s quite the project for me to take on since as a single mom, abuse survivor, past diagnosed bi polar depressive and many other ‘labels’ in my life – worry was just a WAY of life for me.

Its no longer serving me. I am tired of being so tired from it all of the time. I want to spend my energy on the things I WANT in my life. And Voila – with this personal statement and promise to myself, a few days later Isabelle shows up in my ‘world’. Amazing how that works hey?

What I learned from Isabelle and her work, and by later viewing her TEDx talk, really inspired me. And it inspired me because of the true, down to earth genuine nature of Isabelle. She lives her story and she freely shares her learning. What she shares can be absorbed, what she teaches can be learned. It’s given me some hope of finally wrestling the worry mind out of it’s spot of top dog, and putting it farther down the list of priorities as it deserves to be.

Now, I’d like to share what she teaches with you! Isabelle uses what she calls the HERO strategy to manage worry – I LOVE it. Talk about taking a negative thing and turning it into something incredibly positive. Re-direction – a powerful way to deal with our monkey minds.

Here is the strategy that starts with the brilliant concept of: Do NOT be afraid to speak your truth, if you can’t say no to what you don’t want, you will never have the time or energy for what you DO want.

This follows along the power of the Law of Attraction. Using the power of your energy and mind to manifest what you DO want in your life, rather than stressing and ‘worrying’ about what you don’t want and ultimately attracting more of THAT shit into your life.

What you Tolerate – You worry about


  1. HUSH – First you have to hush the noise and hush the chatter so you can re-connect with what you truly want.
  2. EVALUATE – Evaluate WHAT and WHO you are tolerating in your life.
  3. RITUALIZE – Ritualize the habits that have the potential to bring your BEST you into your life.
  4. OWN – Own what you stand for, own your non-negotiable, own the fact that YOU are responsible for what you worry about. Peace of mind is a choice.

This is just an outline of the strategy, to dig deeper, watch the TEDx talk below and congratulations on taking the step to swipe that nasty worry out of the way and start focusing on things that really matter in your life.

If you would like to see Isabelle in person, you can attend the full day eWomenNetwork event coming up October 13th where she will be speaking as one of three speakers on the topic of: Learn the sales and marketing secrets that your teachers and mentors never told you . Event details and tickets are HERE

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