It’s Not You, It’s Your Mattress – Endy, the New and True Canadian Experience, eh!

Endy - the new Canadian Love Affair | Kaare Long


Let’s face it. As a single mom, entrepreneur and natural born warrior against all things oppressive and wrong in the world, SLEEP has not been my best friend.

In fact –  I gave up on it years ago and decided this was just the way it was going to be. That is, until I made a drastic change in my mattress relationship and tried something new. At first I was skeptical –  I mean, how good can a foam mattress be and one that you order online, sight unseen? Well, if there is one thing about ‘Canadian’ that I know – being one and all – we value our integrity, our value and our friendliness. Being Canadian made, this Mattress brand had me sold by upholding all those values, and more.

Allow me to introduce you to – Endy – The True Canadian Experience, eh!

Endy’s beginning was launched with a simple goal as outlined clearly on their website:

“Endy was founded because a great sleep surface is essential to our well being. We feel that Canadians deserve a company that just gets it right.”

They set out with a purpose to design, make, and deliver an amazing mattress for a fraction of the cost of other major retailers.

Since I’m a Marketing Consultant by day, i’m tired and worn out from all of the pomp, bells and whistles that Companies stuff down our throats to convince us that they are the best out there. The BEST, over everyone. It gets old, and I know all the tricks and slight of hand – Because of that  I’m a really hard sell.

My journey to rid myself of my toxic bed relationship started with the realization that my newly formed relationship with a ‘big brand’ mattress from an even bigger brand ‘big box’ organization was already causing me discomfort, stress, and a general sense of dissatisfaction that I had just gotten used to after only 4 years together. This seemed like a red flag to me, and I’ve learned to value myself too much to allow myself to stay in toxic and negative situations. I’m also constantly on the search for inner peace, wellness and a balance in my life. My current mattress just wasn’t pulling it’s weight – So, it was put on notice and the search began.

I wanted something new, but I also wanted it to be reliable, stable, comfortable and true. A mattress partner I could be proud of and feel good about and that would support me with ease. This search was not to be found in the usual big store showrooms with all the lights, twinkly eye salesmen and payment plans. I realized I’d come to an impasse and didn’t know what direction to turn.  That is, until I was made aware of Endy. This unassuming, polite, online mattress company that talked about ME as being the important factor in this mattress relationship dynamic – they talked less about themselves, and more about how they are obsessed with getting all the details right so that I am happy. Hmm….

This is what this Canadian Company offers it’s consumers right away:

A Canadian Made Mattress with perfect firmness, shipped right to your door.

100 night trial | Free Shipping | Free Returns

The world of online shopping has shifted the paradigm of how we do business these days, and I do prefer it. It puts the power back to the consumer and allows us to insist that the company who wants our business, must work for us and show us that we can trust it before we take that leap of faith. Endy managed to instill that trust in me, so I bought one. A King Size one – I was going all the way, baby.

Not only was the purchasing part easy – since their pricing is so reasonable and accessible – I was able to also buy; 2 pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector with a total that was still less than HALF the price of just a mattress from the usual ‘hang outs’ for mattresses – big box stores. They are able to do this because they source all of their materials to make the mattresses from Canada. They avoid the ‘middle man’  – cue the twinkly eyed, big teethed salesman and showroom – so they essentially sell you this bed for what it’s truly worth and bring that value to you the consumer, rather than pocket the profits for themselves.

STILL –  the real test comes after the first date, right? So, I was told to give it a week so I could adjust. I relaxed into it since I knew I had 100 days to try it out and return it free –  for whatever reason –  if I desired within that time frame, no questions asked – so commence the courtship. At the time of writing this, I am two weeks into this relationship and I’ve found parts of myself I didn’t even know were missing – it sounds dramatic, but really – if you get used to running on little sleep and then manage to get even one night of sound sleep, your whole life can change. The PERFECT firmness they talk about is actually surprisingly perfect. It’s like there is nothing there under me, it is just supporting me and not being aggressive about it in any way – such a Canadian.  I’ve learned to enjoy going to bed again, and I’ve suddenly turned into more of a morning person as my sleep is fulfilled enough at night that I’m ready to get on with my day. Here are some of the most noticeable benefits for me that I felt right away:

  • No hip pain while sleeping and after waking up.
  • No back pain in the morning.
  • Didn’t feel my partner move and get woken up constantly all night by that movement.
  • Perfect firmness that supported, but didn’t feel hard or uncomfortable.
  • No more ‘night sweats’.
  • Longer sleep time – I still woke up at night, but more for bathroom visits than for being uncomfortable.
  • Both my partner and I liked the bed, even though we usually like a different firmness.
  • Felt refreshed and well rested in the morning.

Seriously, Endy – you’re pretty darn magical. My ‘White Knight’ of mattress relationships. You’ve rescued me and maintained my honour in the process. I couldn’t be happier at this point. I’m in it for the long haul – and there is a 10 year warranty as well – so, life is gooooood.

Endy Mattress | Kaare Long

Here’s a breakdown of the items I ordered, and keep in mind, these prices are true, there are no hidden costs, no shipping, no nothing else. They are transparent and clear about their pricing on the website so you know what’s what from the get go:

1 King Size Mattress: $950.00 CAD
1 King Size Mattress Protector: $115.00
2 King Size Pillows: $95 ea
1 Set of King Size Sheets: $180
TOTAL: $1,607.20 ( applicable taxes added)

The mattress is shipped in a box that was a bit too big for me to handle myself, since I am approximately the same size as the shipping box the King Size mattress comes in, but I had some help.

The un-boxing and releasing of the mattress from it’s condensed state is quite the fun experience and starts this relationship off on the right note. The mattress is light, easy to handle and they provide a cutting tool to free it from it’s plastic form. Once free, it starts to expand into it’s full shape. They say it takes approximately a week for it to release and relax. That’s ok – I’m willing to give it that time –  I’m a Canadian too, and supportive that way.

Here’s  a sneak peak into our fun unfolding moment:

One fantastic thing I noticed is that nothing had an odour. The mattress, sheets and pillows had ZERO Chemical smell and Endy makes sure this is a priority. They use water based sealants and really work hard to not violate your senses in any way that you don’t want. I’m especially sensitive and it took me weeks to get over the smell of my previous mattress. This mattress smelled like it belonged in our home right away and we didn’t even have to eat Poutine on it to initiate it.

The sheets that come with the bed are quite luxurious, they are 480 thread count 100% sateen weave cotton.

However –  I have one adjustment to this already perfect sleeping arrangement that truly made my nights special. I contacted on of my favourite Bamboo product suppliers and asked for a set of Bamboo sheets to complete my ensemble. This local, Canadian Company is called – Shoo-Foo Bamboo. I LOVE the name and, The word SHOO-FOO is an homophone of a Chinese word meaning comfy, cozy, pleasant, calm, quiet, healthy. The products they sell are out of this world and BETTER for this world as bamboo fabrics are far more eco-friendly than other fabrics out there.

I reviewed these sheets last year and they are so amazing I called them the ‘Unicorn of Sheets’. They are all natural, soft and good for the environment. The triple power.  Plus, it’s a local business and I’m all about keeping things local – especially these days. <insert inaudible comment about the U.S. under my breath>

In Fact – I think Endy should really consider offering up some Bamboo Sheets in their product line as an addition or alternative to the cotton sheets – that would really make everything JUST PERFECT. And Endy, if you are listening, Shoo Foo would love to meet you and work something out, wink wink – I’m happy to ‘match make’ here, since I think that would be a very successful and ‘oh so comfortable’ match up!

As Canadians, what are we if we aren’t collaborative, supportive and ready to work together to make this world a better place? If everyone got a full nights sleep in cozy comfort and full support we’d be a happier and more loving world all around.

The White Knight of mattresses teamed up with the Unicorn of Sheets – now that’s the stuff legends are made of.

If you’ve been considering ridding your life of the toxic burden that is your current mattress, and you are looking for something new I strongly recommend giving this relationship a go. This Canuck Company is pure bred and ready to make you happy – and if for some crazy reason they don’t, they will be very, very SORRY.

These products are highly VIKING APPROVED! I suggest you get yourself some, like right now, eh!

To get yourself an Endy Bed right now visit their website:

Endy | Kaare Long

To get yourself some luxurious Bamboo Sheets for your new Endy Bed visit their website:

Shoo Foo Bamboo Sheets Vancouver

shoo foo bamboo | Kaare LongSPECIAL bonus happening for a limited time!

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The review above of both the Endy product and Shoo-Foo Bamboo products were not sponsored and were my authentic experience of them. You can trust with this review that I wasn’t paid to make them look good. They passed the Viking test and are approved and highly recommended!



  1. paige says:

    There is nothing like climbing into a comfy bed at the end of a long day. Thanks for sharing!! I have been in the market to replace my mattress for months now! This seems like an easy solution!

    • Kaare Long says:

      Hi Paige! Sorry for the delay, we’ve been on vacation! I am sure you have already purchased a new mattress and if it is an Endy you won’t be disappointed! I came back from vacation and it felt sooo good to fall into my Endy bed.

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