Mental Illness: Hidden, but begging to be seen

  On this blog I discuss a lot about abuse, shame, recovery and finding your path as a Woman, Single Parent and Entrepreneur warrior. The reason I share my own vulnerability is always to leave the door wide open for others to share their pain, their struggles, their growth and their path as they evolve READ MORE

Honda After Your Heart – The New Civic Really Wants to Win You Over

The 80’s Rocked didn’t they? Without aging myself too much – Do you remember the days of the little hatchback Honda Civic that everyone wanted to learn how to drive in because it was so compact and easy to drive? Most vehicles were standard transmission then, so the easier a vehicle was to drive, the READ MORE

Meditation – You’re doing it all WRONG

  Do you know what prompted you to click on this article with a title like that? Were you perhaps looking for an article to show you how to get something right? Are you maybe wanting to start meditating for health and happiness yet have no idea how to actually DO it? Or, maybe you’ve READ MORE

13 Reasons to Unpack the Dark Side of life with your Teen

13 Reasons is one of those stories that makes me happy when it shows up and rattles everyone’s cages. I’m happy when this happens because it gets people thinking, and more importantly it gets people TALKING. I believe that many of us are walking around our lives half asleep – and it’s not really our READ MORE

Letting Go to Live More – Lessons From Scrooge This Christmas

  CHRISTMAS! This time of year is such a wondrous experience. Lights, food, trees, snow, music, joy and good tidings and lots and lots of gifts and shopping! But, I always cringe a bit when I see the last one – Gifts and Shopping. They don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but it’s the way READ MORE

12 Things Your Teenage Daughter Needs to Hear from You

The TEEN years are a bumpy time, there is no doubt about it. But, I’m of the strong belief that what makes it so bumpy is a Parent’s inability to see the teen as they are, rise above the drama and guide them through the murky world of hormones, social life, school and life calmly READ MORE

‘Father’ is not a right, it is a privilege – You’ve got to work for it.

Today I have a need to send out an Ode and ‘Thank you’  to all the amazing and present Fathers out there as well as all the incredible Step Dads who ‘step up’ to provide for a child who is not getting the support she needs from the Men in her life. Especially as a READ MORE

Magnificence is just around the corner! ‘Magnificent YOU!’

Do you know what the most MAGNIFICENT thing in the world is? It is you. Yes, YOU! Do you ever feel that sometimes you just can’t keep up with what everyone else is doing? Do you start to compare yourself to others and begin to feel discouraged that you can never be like them? We READ MORE

Parenting and the Co$t of ‘Saving Face’ – Is it Worth It?

By: Kathryn Wilking – Guest Blogger DO the chores get left behind when you are working? Do you love, or hate, the surprise when people pop over unannounced? I have a habit of forgoing housework while on a deadline; frequently, when all-is-at-its-worst, there will be a knock at the door. You see, I’m a Decorator READ MORE

The Learning Garden – Teaching Children to Grow!

  LifeSpace Gardens is a local organization that I’ve been supporting in OTHER ways for quite some time now. We connected with them for our last SayHiToaStranger event in Vancouver in August, 2015. They provided a PoP uP Garden in the Olympic Village as a Check Point for strangers to come and hang out, eat READ MORE