Cryotherapy at Sparkling Hill – The Big CHILL. Is it Hot or Not?

The use of Cryotherapy or Cryo Cold Chambers for health and wellness is heating up lately, and as a wise, educated and selective consumer you might be curious about the advantages, the claims that it can cure many ailments, if it lives up to all the hype and is really as hot as it sounds? READ MORE

What does it mean to be Authentic?

So, what does it really mean to be authentic in your personal life, and your business life? I separated those functions, but really they are one in the same if you truly want to live an authentic life. As with most definitions, the word authentic can be perceived in many different ways depending on your READ MORE

Finding Life Clarity in my Closet

  The article below is an unbiased and truthful review of a product or service. It is not paid for or sponsored in anyway. For more info visit: work with me This last spring, I asked Patti Morrison, Image Strategist to come into my home and help me to clean out my closet. Let me READ MORE

The Power and the Pain of ‘Me Too’

There’s likely a chance that you too have seen a ‘Me Too’ post in your Facebook news feed in the last few days. It’s pretty difficult to not be exposed to if you are a regular Facebook or social media user. ‘Me Too’ is an idea generated by a celebrity that has caught a wave READ MORE

The BEST ‘Self Help Books’ – According to 200+ Influencers

Help me find the best Self Help! All you need to do is google ‘self help book’ or pop on over to Amazon and select the ‘self help’ category for books and you will be given thousands upon thousands of options to choose from.  This is fantastic – but… Which ones do you choose? There READ MORE

Body Image and the Truth about Weight Loss

  There is a voice in my head –  it is a constant monologue of ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’ – “You shouldn’t eat that cookie”, “You should probably work out some more”, “ You shouldn’t wear that because it makes you look fat”, You shouldn’t even bother trying on a bikini, it’s going to look gross anyway.” “You should maybe just stop eating READ MORE

How to Spot the Genuine Person and not Fall for the Fake One

Are they Genuine? I cannot tell you how many times I have asked myself this question over the years in both my personal life and in business. It is an important question, and over time, (especially in my line of business – Communications) I have learned some very valuable lessons about people and how they READ MORE

Meditation – You’re doing it all WRONG

  Do you know what prompted you to click on this article with a title like that? Were you perhaps looking for an article to show you how to get something right? Are you maybe wanting to start meditating for health and happiness yet have no idea how to actually DO it? Or, maybe you’ve READ MORE

13 Reasons to Unpack the Dark Side of life with your Teen

13 Reasons is one of those stories that makes me happy when it shows up and rattles everyone’s cages. I’m happy when this happens because it gets people thinking, and more importantly it gets people TALKING. I believe that many of us are walking around our lives half asleep – and it’s not really our READ MORE