The Warrior Way While a World Is In Crisis…

March 19, 2020

Being a Warrior in a World in Crisis

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wishing and praying for the world to ‘figure it out’ for years. You’ve been concerned about the environment, angry for the underdogs, frustrated in a system that just doesn’t support its communities and its citizens. We’ve known the current system doesn’t work and it only benefits the few and leaves many without.

Well, that time has suddenly come. And like the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it ” We are entering a time of ‘forced to slow down’ globally. This is the one thing that never seemed possible before. It’s possible and we are here.

What can be most alarming – especially to those of us who have wished for this change and shift, is how we suddenly feel now that we are truly realizing it.

Our entire infrastructure is built to distract. We are all so busy all of the time, we never have time for the things we want to do. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve found myself saying that over the years. Now, we suddenly find ourselves NOT BUSY and it’s terrifying. Never mind the external fears of food, supplies and of course the virus itself, we now have to deal directly with ourselves – and it’s foreign to many of us.

Its time for the DEEP DIVE.

Its time to be warriors and address within ourselves just how exactly we got here as a society and as a world. How have we individually contributed to the state we are now in. This could be as simple as being passive or just observers, and ‘I’m not political’ – we all have a part we’ve been playing. And, for the most part we all have used the system to distract from ourselves one way or another.

The grief, anxiety, sadness, overwhelm – these are real places and they are symptoms that inform us that we are unbalanced and we need deep healing. Much easier said than done though, as this warrior can attest to. Talk is cheap, its the action and the BEING that is the hard part, the challenging part, the lifechanging part. And, the only way around it is right through it.

To me, a warrior is not some tall, muscle-bound, god-like looking creature who can do no wrong. To me, the truth of the warrior I pull from my deep roots in the Viking culture. A warrior is messy, battle-scarred, unkempt, ruffled and imperfect. But, they are also proud, resilient, tenacious and both hardened by their experiences as well as softened by them. A warrior is truth and vulnerability. A warrior is strength of patience and compassion. A warrior is simply a human with real human feelings and desires that just won’t give up on themselves or others. A warrior respects and honours every part of themselves, both the wounded and the victorious. A warrior is tired but forges on anyway because a warrior knows that one foot in front of the other is still a victory and defeat can only be known if that warrior gives up.

Warriors are powerful symbols because we know deep down that they represent the strength in our vulnerability and the power of our intention to keep picking up that blade and that shield and to always show up, no matter what or where we are called.

Warriors, we’ve been called. Hunker down and let’s do what needs doing.

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