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Hi! My name is Kaare.
Named after a famous Viking Warrior I had a lot to live up to.

I think I’ve done pretty good, and lived up to the tenacity, passion, sardonic humour, boat rocking and deep loyalty that my name engenders.

My life has been pretty hectic, messy, scary and full of incredible moments. These repeated, and so called ‘failures’ I’ve experienced have culminated in a full life thus far. They’ve informed, crafted and transformed me in some incredibly profound ways. Now that I am in my 40’s – mid life, and all that – I realize how important all those failures, heartaches, heartbreaks, mistakes, wrong choices, BAAAD choices and everything thing in between have been. They’ve designed the person I am proud to be today – and it’s pretty KICK ASS if I say so myself.

This site – KaareLong.com is dedicated to my Father who passed away July 19th, 2015 His life was also a mess, I always figured I learned well from him. I did. I hated him at times, even went as far as loathing, but we did a journey, we had an arc and the day he died was one of the most profound of my life yet. I realized how exceedingly important it is to live and LOVE fiercely and to never let failures harden you, close you down or scare you. But rather, get in that boat, and rock it silly.

So, are you ready? 

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Kaare Long - Blogging Guide for Entrepreneur Moms who want to rock it! For a more customary bio – I am a Single mom to two beautiful daughters who are growing up quickly. I am the founder and  Creative Director of my own Business –  a Cue Creative Consulting.  I am the executive director and founder of the Social Movement #sayhitoastranger which has become a popular event in my home City of Vancouver, B.C and I have goals to get it global.

I am a professional performer – musician, actor and vocalist and was the founder and director of a local a cappella women’s singing group called ‘Voxsis’ and I was the Artistic Director of BC first a cappella vocal festival – ‘VoxFest’. Currently, I periodically sing with the aboriginal singing group M’Girl Music in Vancouver.

Community and Connection are my passion and because of that I coined the phrase “Community over Competition” – it IS what I believe and what I tirelessly commit to. We can do so much more working together, than we can in competition to each other. This is what I lead with, and what I will continue to hold vision for globally. We are all in this together, it’s time we start realizing that and treating each other with respect, love and compassion.

I also take mentoring my younger cohorts seriously as a teacher. I think sharing what I have learned with vulnerability and authenticity is the best way to have it serve a deeper purpose. I’ve struggled along the way, but we all do. And if we can understand early in our lives that failure is the most important part of our growing up, then perhaps we might enjoy it a bit more. I’ve made it my mission to share this philosophy and guide and support and empower as many women in business as I can.

This blog is an extension of my life – the things that mean the most to me and the wisdom I’ve gleaned along the way. I’m Kaare Long - Beer is Beautifulputting it all out there now to share, connect, communicate and otherwise jump into the primordial river of life, and gleefully go where the current takes me.

Enjoy!And please connect to me at any time. I am here for you, since I’ve finally learned how to be here for me. I’d love to work with you and I look forward to connecting! May your life be messy, unpredictable and all YOURS!

With Love,

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Kaare Long


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