Authentic Limo in Vancouver | A Ride with Style, Grace and Genuine Heart

And, also “Lit as F#ck” according to my newly minted Sixteen year old. Limos are kind of like a food staple that you always have in your house, and don’t ALWAYS use, but usually need at some point or another – typically you end up choosing a brand and sticking with it out of loyalty. Limos READ MORE

9 Ways to nurture self respect and change your life

  Many of us don’t even know what good self respect is. We spend a lot of time researching and learning what it looks like when others disrespect us, but do we really even have an awareness of how much we nurture our own self respect on a daily basis? We treat ourselves badly in READ MORE

Grow into the Future – LifeSpace Gardens and their Food Mission!

  There is nothing more elemental and basic to life and living than food. The food we eat becomes our very essence as the old adage ‘We are what we eat’ still holds true to this day. And, as a society we are starting to question where our food comes from as we have lost READ MORE

Mental Illness: Hidden, but begging to be seen

  On this blog I discuss a lot about abuse, shame, recovery and finding your path as a Woman, Single Parent and Entrepreneur warrior. The reason I share my own vulnerability is always to leave the door wide open for others to share their pain, their struggles, their growth and their path as they evolve READ MORE

The Power and the Pain of ‘Me Too’

There’s likely a chance that you too have seen a ‘Me Too’ post in your Facebook news feed in the last few days. It’s pretty difficult to not be exposed to if you are a regular Facebook or social media user. ‘Me Too’ is an idea generated by a celebrity that has caught a wave READ MORE

G Day For Girls – Supporting our Emerging Leaders!

  Tickets are already SOLD OUT for this event, but you can add your name to the wait-list. If you’ve missed out this year, be sure to follow their social media platforms and sign up to be notified of upcoming events. G Day takes place Friday October 20, 2017 at the Ismaili Centre in Burnaby, BC. The day-long READ MORE

‘GoGoBags’ – a Life Saver for the Go Go Family – WIN a set of your own!

  If there is one thing a busy family has in common, it’s food. The need for it, the mad rush buying it and cooking it, the stress in figuring out HOW to cook it and the care and attention to the kind of food – organic, vegetarian, etc. Another problem that many families can READ MORE

Body Image and the Truth about Weight Loss

  There is a voice in my head –  it is a constant monologue of ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’ – “You shouldn’t eat that cookie”, “You should probably work out some more”, “ You shouldn’t wear that because it makes you look fat”, You shouldn’t even bother trying on a bikini, it’s going to look gross anyway.” “You should maybe just stop eating READ MORE

Activities for Summer Fun! WIN tickets to Vancouver Whitecaps FC!

It’s summer, kids are off for two whole months – what to do, what to DO!? I have the perfect suggestion that offers some good wholesome family time, AND supports our local Soccer team – The Vancouver Whitecaps FC who are squaring off against Portland Timbers this coming July 23, 2017! I’ll be taking my READ MORE