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This is an online blog/magazine  targeted to readers aged 20-65, particularly career moms and especially single moms, but not leaving out the kick ass Dads out there who are looking for ways to embrace the life they have, live it fully and do it well.

Healthy, Sustainable, Community Driven and Family supportive places are what I review!

  • WHERE TO SHOP – Community Focused Businesses
  • WHERE TO EAT – Good Food Experiences – healthy, sustainable and yummy!
  • WHERE TO STAY TRAVELING – Travel advice, best hotels/motels, best service etc
  • PARENTING – Best resources for single parents or parents, tips and advice and sharing
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Resources, tips and advice for entrepreneurs with a primary focus    on  women in business
  • LEADERSHIP – highlighting powerful community leaders, tips and advice
  • HEALTH AND WELLNESS – Best resources and articles for balanced living




Would YOU like to guest blog with me? The team would be thrilled to have you. We need a variety of perspectives that can write about the topics above. If you are interested in joining our team of ‘boat rockers’ then please APPLY HERE.

We welcome all levels of experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t let the fact you have never guest blogged, or written you own blog before stop you. You might just have some untapped talent WAITING to be discovered!


I get around – in a GOOD way, so I can support you in getting your product/service or feature out there – See my Media Appearances

Social Media is my claim to fame with thousands upon thousands of posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Google + and others written on behalf of myself and a variety of clients. I am a community leader as the founder of a social movement organization and I have been featured and interviewed on a number of local radio, tv and print outlets numerous times. I’ve recently been nominated for a Power of Peace Award from the YMCA and a Small Business Award for Community Impact.  I am a mentor and have taught over 20 interns over the last 3 years from a variety of local Universities. I’m on the leadership team for the Vancouver chapter of a global networking organization – eWomen Network with a potential reach of 100,000+. I teach, lead, network and share regularly.

How do you get your stuff in my blog? There are a variety of options for you…

sponsored content/NARRATIVE promotion

Contact me for pricing and details

Narrative advertising has become the ‘way of the future’ for savvy and current businesses. Blogging and Storytelling have become an incredibly popular way to promote and share products with particular demographics and with both traditional and digital media. As a brand, if you have a niche market that focuses on Mom Entrepreneurs sponsored content will drive awareness, traffic, conversions and leads.

review articles/Contest

Contact me for details

There is no initial cost for these articles other than you sending me your product, offering your service, giving me a test run, free night, free dinner etc. BUT I cannot guarantee when the post will be published AND I cannot promise I will like your product and give it a good review. If your product is a good one, I will write you a VERY good article that you can share with your social media followers. If your product doesn’t really pass snuff for me, I will let you know ahead of time and you can decide if you want me to run the article or not. This is a non sponsored, basic and easy way to get the word out about your stuff!

GREAT for small businesses or businesses just starting out!


Contact me for pricing and details

Do you have an event, promotion or other happening coming up that you need attention for? I specialize in Digital Marketing for a Cue Creative Consulting so I can support you in being seen online through all of my networks. Your event must align with the topics I discuss and you must have positive value to the community. Your Media package would include:

  • blog posts before and/or after the event
  • Social Media Campaigns to promote your event
  • live ‘in the moment tweeting from your event
  • Social Media Posts – either daily or another schedule
  • Creating and hosting a Twitter Party prior to your event

Full Service Campaign       

Contact me for pricing and details

The full service campaign is available in  1 week, 2 week or 4 week options provides exposure across multiple platforms and includes:

On The Blog

  • 2 FEATURE posts a week sharing content, information, pictures and a call to action to visit a website or check out a resource.
  • 2 CATEGORY posts a week sharing content, information, pictures and a call to action to visit a website or check out a resource.
  • Boiler plate: Each post will have a ‘boiler plate’ section that will be crafted and approved to match your branding expressing sponsorship/support of the campaign and a photo/link/screen capture to a relevant product or service of your choosing.

On Twitter

  • 6 tweets per post/day – 3 tweets will include your Twitter handle.
  • Twitter mention in post updates and RT support for your own Tweets.
  • Live Tweeting at your event if applicable with up to 50 tweets with a brand identifying hashtag


  • Two Facebook status updates per day with one to include your Fan Page link.



Collaboration at its finest. I will include your brand in work that I do if it is in alignment with the values, goals and message of the business I work in.

I am a fierce supporter of businesses and organizations who I feel represent strong Community Values. I will be your ambassador and where I go, your business will go as a supporter.

I’m an avid communicator, and if I like something I let everyone know.

If you would like to work with me on to help gain exposure to you or your business please contact me using the form below.

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Don’t just take my word for it:

Granville Island:

Kaare worked with Granville Island to maximize our pre-event social media outreach for our Canada Day Event. As a community-driven celebration that attracts over 80,000 participants, Canada Day on Granville Island needs to be connected to our audiences over multiple social media channels. Kaare planned and executed multiple proactive conversations, on a daily basis, in the weeks building up to our event. Without Kaare’s help we would have missed the critical customer conversations that only happen in the social realm.

Scott Fraser Marketing & Communications Officer | Granville Island

eWomen Network:

“Kaare and her team not only engaged 80 attendees at our event on Twitter, but the social media efforts executed by her team resulted in a first-time ever, Canadian trending stat of #5 in Canada for our event hashtag. We were thrilled with the results!”

Michela Quilici, Managing Director eWomenNetwork Vancouver Chapter

Brezenski Films:

a Cue Creative Consulting has taken us into the winners circle with their fantastic creative social media strategies and energized optimism. Kaare and her team were ready, willing and able to help us get a $10,000 grant from TELUS STORYHIVE.

Michelle Brezinski

PowHERhouse Online Magazine:

It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial for  Kaare and her team. From the moment I met Kaare, I knew she was the perfect fit to guide communications for my newly re-branded social business, PowHERhouse and help me navigate the process of clear messaging, social media engagement and events promotion.

It goes much further than that. As a former marketing and communications corporate professional, I was looking for someone who would not only have the technical savvy but also have the heart and courage to take on a client with an out-of-the-box concept. To me, passion is key.

I believe that actions speak louder than words so was grateful and impressed with Kaare’s love and dedication to mentoring young women in her field. She recognizes talent and supports that talent with her own expertise, contacts and guidance – dynamite and well-aligned with our PowHERhouse values.

In just a few short months, Kaare and Carrice have helped me to leverage my efforts. I have felt supported and a very real and tangible way – like someone put some jet-fuel into the mix. It is the start of a very rewarding and PowHERful relationship ~ and I am immensely grateful.

Charlene Sanjenko