What the world needs now…is love

The world needs more love
From what I’ve observed of the world around me directly, especially in the last 2.5 years, is how little self-awareness folks have. They don’t stop to ask themselves if what they are doing or saying to others is ‘right’ or ‘kind’ or if they are being fair to the other person. The ability to hold space for someone else’s needs that might differ from theirs seems to be absent. There is a lot of reacting without pausing to stop and think about how they affect other people around them or to actually LISTEN to what the other is trying to say. HEARING another person’s perspective and experience is no longer even mildly important.
It’s become a self-absorbed environment where folks cannot see past their own needs. As a survivor of a severely abusive relationship, I can attest to the validity that this behavior is rampant. Trust me when I say it irrevocably damages relationships, both personal and business, and the community at large. It’s a toxic environment for everyone.
It’s a byproduct of fear, and when the wrong people lead with the wrong values, it becomes mass accepted as ok, or right, when it is far from it. History has taught us this lesson time and time again. But, fear. It is a great memory eraser.
It’s my greatest desire that we can all remember the power of love and the force of unity. Making others wrong to engender a false and fleeting sense of superiority will fail you time and time again. Acceptance, listening, and agreement to allow others their own space and needs is a much more loving way to be in the world, and it will give back to you tenfold.
Control will not give you back your peace of mind. But love, acceptance, and unity will.
But how can you love when it feels like the world, your next-door neighbor, and the dog down the street is out to get you every day? It comes back to self-awareness and self-love. It’s ok to be afraid right now. It’s ok to feel like you are in survival mode. It is a natural response to the external stimulus that is fed to us incessantly day to day. We are literally at WAR, and it is a psychological war that destroys our inner peace bit by bit if we let it.
If you want to be the future and lead the way into unity, love, and peace for us all. Start now. Start Slow. Just Start. Even small changes and adjustments can make all the difference to someone struggling. Lead the way with courage. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding.

Below are some tips to start caring for yourself so you can care for the world again.


1. Look to build relationships with a strong foundation of trust. Let the toxic people, places, and things go. If it does not fill you with peace, it is not for you.

2. Genuinely look to understand others before demanding they understand you. Ask questions, inquire, and be curious. Avoid judgment and be open to them and how they are feeling. You’ll be surprised to learn they are just as afraid as you are. Start with the common ground and work from there.

3. Have open lines of communication. Never assume; always ask. If someone does something that confuses you, ask them what their reasoning is. Always open dialogue before you open up an attack against someone.

4. Be ready for tough, vulnerable conversations. ‘Know Thyself’ – the more you know who you are, what you need, and your own boundaries, the more you can teach others to do the same for themselves. 

5. Offer encouragement and appreciation. Even when you feel low, do this. You’ll be surprised at how it will lift your mood as well. When you give a situation what it is lacking, you lead the way to elevate that situation.

6. LOVE. YOURSELF. It is astounding how much of a difference this can make to the rest of the world. You cannot give from an empty vessel, so ensure that vessel is full. Give love to yourself every day, every minute, every second. If it feels awkward, that is your sign to give yourself more love. This is not rocket science, but it has been programmed out of us all. Remember what you already know deep inside. Love who you are. Start from within.

7. Lead from within. When you love yourself, you can always trust yourself. Lead from within and trust your intuition, your internal guidance, and your ability to see the truth. If you are confident and strong in your ability to trust yourself, you will pass that confidence on to others. You will create a safe place for others to be who they are in your presence.

8. Practice self-awareness daily. This means constantly questioning yourself and looking at your own motivations. Not with judgment but with curiosity and observation. Learning about yourself is not about shaming yourself. It is about understanding who you are and what you need. It allows you to understand your feelings and what is informing them. Are you really in the moment? Or are you projecting old hurts and pains onto another innocent person? Are you angry at someone, or are you more in fear? Learn the subtle differences and ‘Know Thyself’ first and foremost. NEVER shame yourself. Love Yourself. This is a process, and it can be painful, but it is always exceedingly rewarding.


For your consideration…
Additional thoughts on how to lead with love? Please share them with me! 

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