Cryotherapy at Sparkling Hill – The Big CHILL. Is it Hot or Not?

The use of Cryotherapy or Cryo Cold Chambers for health and wellness is heating up lately, and as a wise, educated and selective consumer you might be curious about the advantages, the claims that it can cure many ailments, if it lives up to all the hype and is really as hot as it sounds? READ MORE

It’s Not You, It’s Your Mattress – Endy, the New and True Canadian Experience, eh!

  Let’s face it. As a single mom, entrepreneur and natural born warrior against all things oppressive and wrong in the world, SLEEP has not been my best friend. In fact –  I gave up on it years ago and decided this was just the way it was going to be. That is, until I made READ MORE

How Wise People Deal With Difficult People: A Guide To Break Free

The top telltale signs that you are dealing with a ‘difficult’ person are: They are victims – always blaming others for what’s happening to them. It’s all about them – everything centers around what is important to them. Always strings attached – They’ll never do anything for you without expecting a return. They gossip, whine, READ MORE

9 Ways to nurture self respect and change your life

  Many of us don’t even know what good self respect is. We spend a lot of time researching and learning what it looks like when others disrespect us, but do we really even have an awareness of how much we nurture our own self respect on a daily basis? We treat ourselves badly in READ MORE

8 Steps to Setting Boundaries in Relationships

If you desire safe, loving, supportive and nurturing relationships in your life, then you will need to know how to set personal boundaries. If this is something that perplexes you, learning how to set and maintain personal boundaries will change your life. Boundaries are lines in the sand in relationships that clarify clearly where the READ MORE

Grow into the Future – LifeSpace Gardens and their Food Mission!

  There is nothing more elemental and basic to life and living than food. The food we eat becomes our very essence as the old adage ‘We are what we eat’ still holds true to this day. And, as a society we are starting to question where our food comes from as we have lost READ MORE

Mental Illness: Hidden, but begging to be seen

  On this blog I discuss a lot about abuse, shame, recovery and finding your path as a Woman, Single Parent and Entrepreneur warrior. The reason I share my own vulnerability is always to leave the door wide open for others to share their pain, their struggles, their growth and their path as they evolve READ MORE

STOP What you are doing. Do you know your Value?

STOP SCROLLING through Social Media! Just STOP for a moment. BREATHE… Do you know that you have value even when you aren’t pushing, striving, goal setting, making calls, getting things done, filling up your agenda and working late into the night? Are you aware that none of those things has value if it’s not in READ MORE

The BEST ‘Self Help Books’ – According to 200+ Influencers

Help me find the best Self Help! All you need to do is google ‘self help book’ or pop on over to Amazon and select the ‘self help’ category for books and you will be given thousands upon thousands of options to choose from.  This is fantastic – but… Which ones do you choose? There READ MORE

Body Image and the Truth about Weight Loss

  There is a voice in my head –  it is a constant monologue of ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’ – “You shouldn’t eat that cookie”, “You should probably work out some more”, “ You shouldn’t wear that because it makes you look fat”, You shouldn’t even bother trying on a bikini, it’s going to look gross anyway.” “You should maybe just stop eating READ MORE