8 Steps to Setting Boundaries in Relationships

If you desire safe, loving, supportive and nurturing relationships in your life, then you will need to know how to set personal boundaries. If this is something that perplexes you, learning how to set and maintain personal boundaries will change your life. Boundaries are lines in the sand in relationships that clarify clearly where the READ MORE

The Red Flags of An Abusive Relationship – SYS: Save Your Soul!

Could you be in an abusive relationship? This is a post written as a companion to a previous post I wrote, ‘Surviving the Shame of Domestic Abuse’ – In the feedback of that article, I was asked to write about the ‘red flags’ or things to look for to warn of an abusive dynamic. It READ MORE

10 Signs of Disrespect ~ How to Rise Above it

As a person in Business and in life, we can often come face to face with disrespect. It can be disrespect from colleagues, disrespect from our exes and the father/mother of our children, disrespect from our parents or peers, it can be disrespect from government officials, or any person of authority. Disrespect can sneak into READ MORE

Surviving the Shame of Domestic Abuse

Note: I write this article based on my own experience and perspective as a woman with a man, but men can also be the victims in this dynamic and same sex relationships can have this dynamic.   NEW: Part 2 of this article – How to spot the RED FLAGS of an abuser to get out READ MORE