The BEST ‘Self Help Books’ – According to 200+ Influencers

The best Self Help Books - Kaare Long

Help me find the best Self Help!

All you need to do is google ‘self help book’ or pop on over to Amazon and select the ‘self help’ category for books and you will be given thousands upon thousands of options to choose from.  This is fantastic – but…

Which ones do you choose? There are so many out there and it can be difficult to decide which one to get, what author, what topic. Then you start to wonder, “is it good? or just another wacko trying to make money?’ – a valid concern since the self help industry is booming right now and money does speak volumes to some people – making $$ is more important than truly helping and healing the world and being of service.

Choosing a good self help book that will  provide you with tools and resources as well as amazing insight and wisdom can be harder to find  than the ‘sea of titles’ may allude to initially. So, to avoid spending your hard earned money on books written by folks who really aren’t interested in healing the world, but more in the dollar signs – the best way to select the top picks are through recommendations. Talk to others, especially people you respect,  and ask what books they read, and then ask them WHY they thought they were so good. This is the fastest way to get a good indication of a good book, vs a failbook.

Recently, I was asked to provide my own recommendation as an influencer to add to an impressive list of other influencers to total up to 200+ ‘self help book’ recommendations for 2017.

This is a fantastic list that will help you choose based on the individual experience of others. Each influencer explains why they chose the ‘self help book’ as their TOP choice. The list is compiled by: Self Development Secrets

Click below to peruse the list and find some top recommendations to add to your list for Fall! Look for my pick under my name: Kaare Long

TOP Self Help Books recommended by 200+ online influencers!
The best self help books
Photo from: Self Development Secrets

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