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If there is one thing a busy family has in common, it’s food.

The need for it, the mad rush buying it and cooking it, the stress in figuring out HOW to cook it and the care and attention to the kind of food – organic, vegetarian, etc.

Another problem that many families can face – this is a big one for me – is buying amazing organic food, spending top dollar on it and then having it go bad in the fridge before you even get to it. This is a constant issue in our household. Mostly because I would SWEAR I only just bought that head of lettuce, ya know…yesterday –  yet it’s been 5 days already. Time passes like a blur for the busy and on the ‘go go’ family. Another reason, is that our fridge is always in a state of chaos – moments after attempting to organize it, we close the door, open it again and BOOM – chaos again. Please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to?  It’s as if the contents of the fridge have a party when the door is closed and have disorganized themselves so completely we cannot find anything, let alone remember what we put in there. So, food gets LOST. Once it is found again, the stress and struggle of being abandoned and alone has taken it’s toll on the poor tomato or head of lettuce and they have just given up and liquified.

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The struggle is REAL.

So, how do we deal with this? Sure, I could probably figure out a better system, but that takes more work, and most importantly takes the rest of the family follow it. As an entrepreneur mom, I just can’t be bothered to spend THAT much time policing the fridge fraternity.

I found a MUCH better solution anyway. These magical, magnificent bags of glory called – gogoBags. Why do I love them so much? Well, they pretty much eliminate food waste in our family. They keep organic veggies cozy and taken care of until we locate them or remember we have them, and they save all manner of food from being abandoned and spoiled by life, as it happens.

What is most wonderful about these products is that they are locally made by a Mother and Daughter team – Anahita and Ruby. MADE IN CANADA. The concept was born from necessity as a mom lay sleepless one night ( sound familiar?) trying to solve a problem:

“The gogoBags concept came to me one sleepless night in July just a month before my first child began kindergarten.” Says Anahita. ” I was lying in bed contemplating how I would like to give my son the healthiest and most eco-friendly snack options for school. My intentions went beyond just the food. I got up in excitement at 2am, researched and planned the business through the night. At 6 in the morning I called my mother and told her “we have a business!” and our line of reusable sandwich bags was born.”

Over the following 4 months, this superstar team researched, tested and researched again. They launched their product ‘gogoBags’ at a Christmas Market in November, 2010

I LOVE stories like this. There is an entrepreneurial spirit in many of us resourceful, smart and committed parents and it is so wonderful when these ideas are seen through and take hold! And, not only is it a fantastic beginning, they have gone on to continue evolving and growing and most recently started selling some of their products on Amazon! Click HERE to BUY.

They carry a full line of bags for whatever food you would want to keep fresh. They even make a toothbrush bag – BRILLIANT!

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I personally have tested these bags, and boy oh boy have I tested them. Rather than TELL you how I inadvertently FORGOT that I was testing them and found the Celery bag in the fridge – with the celery STILL in it – WAY longer than the original test had been intended for- view the video below to experience the magic as I did. I was astounded. And then I was happy I had followed my own pattern of vegetable abandonment so that I could see how absolutely stunning these bags are for keeping your expensive, organic veggies FRESH, despite your forgetfulness and busyness.

These little lifesavers can save you a ton of money, and I am the best one to be able to prove that as I’ve humbly shown you. Products go for an extremely reasonable $24-$40 or you can buy full sets for around $80. Considering how many poor veggies you will be saving from being left forgotten and alone – veggies that are not cheap to begin with –  it’s well worth the one time purchase. Products can be washed again and again and are eco-friendly as can be for product storage. It’s a feel good investment. I’ve never liked sending my kids off to school with those little plastic snack bags that get thrown away after one use – just KNOWING chemicals were likely leaching into my childs food made me cringe. Plus, they never work to keep your food fresh anyway. I tried glass containers and well…you can image how that went.

This product solves so many problems for home life and the sleepless nights no longer have to be a part of the equation, this amazing mom and daughter team have done it for you and created an amazing business! BRAVO!

They get a FULL Viking Salute from me!

Click HERE to shop around and get your set delivered to your door in true Go Go fashion!

This is an unbiased product review based on the product being given to me to test and provide my honest opinion on. This is not a sponsored post and all views of the product are my own. To get your product reviewed, click HERE for details. 

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