Grow into the Future – LifeSpace Gardens and their Food Mission!

  There is nothing more elemental and basic to life and living than food. The food we eat becomes our very essence as the old adage ‘We are what we eat’ still holds true to this day. And, as a society we are starting to question where our food comes from as we have lost READ MORE

Are you tired of Waiting for Spring? Let’s throw it a party it can’t resist

  Ok, so Spring has been a bit shy this Season compared to most March days in the past for the West Coast – just when we thought it was here, it would scuttle away and let Winter take over again. We’ve been waiting, ever so patiently, but perhaps the waiting time is over. If READ MORE

The Learning Garden – Teaching Children to Grow!

  LifeSpace Gardens is a local organization that I’ve been supporting in OTHER ways for quite some time now. We connected with them for our last SayHiToaStranger event in Vancouver in August, 2015. They provided a PoP uP Garden in the Olympic Village as a Check Point for strangers to come and hang out, eat READ MORE