Damn Straight, We Should Be Paying For Trudeau’s Nannies

This is why people hate politicians. No, not Trudeau. The Conservatives using this nannygate non-scandal against him as a cheap political ploy to puncture his post-election popularity. The accusation of hypocrisy over government-paid nannies to help with the Prime Minister’s three young children feels petty and penny-ante. But as a parent, it’s also incredibly insulting because of what it reveals about the lack of value and importance that these people put in childcare.

Source: Damn Straight, We Should Be Paying For Trudeau’s Nannies


I only post this because I’ve seen too many people fall for the Conservatives petty and ridiculous online petition against the Trudeau family for utilizing tax dollars for child care.

I groaned and rolled my eyes when I first saw it, AND I saw it for what it was. A cheap, antiquated and pathetic attempt to tarnish some of our new Prime Minister’s popularity.  AND it’s an absolute offense to parents everywhere. A glaring statement from the conservatives that they really do not think childcare is an important aspect of a society at all.

Ick – scroll on. Yet, what floors me is those who are falling for this shit. Our tax dollars fund the entire salary of the Prime Minister, never mind the child care. What do you pay for your childcare with, umm..your salary? Duh… And frankly, with a job the size of the one of the Prime Minister, you can bet childcare is needed, and I get behind that before I get behind hair management, private jets, or limousines. Oh ya, did any of you manage to see that video where Trudeau rode the bus to work? <groan>

And let’s also ‘briefly’ discuss the general consensus of this same group of ‘shamers’ that Sophie should be taking care of the kids…..Remember when Trudeau said it’s 2015? Ya, it’s 2015 folks. Women work too, and Sophie I’ve got your back – I think kids of working parents, especially moms, grow up to be pretty darn productive adults.

Let it be known – where I stand on this. If you got on that antiquated, judgmental and totally banal train of hypocrisy and commented or shared the articles that shamed the First Family for spending their salary on Child Care – then you just don’t get it, and I don’t even care to waste my time calling you out.

Truly, there are more important things for you to be doing. Well, perhaps not – that says it all right there.

Read the attached article – it’s a good one, and really slams the actual reality and truth into the smut that’s been circulating.

Idiots – out of our way – we have a socially responsible, family oriented society to run and be a part of here. Oh ya, and as the writer stated, this is why people hate politicians – THIS is why I DESPISE politics.



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