CHOOSE what you CAN do, rather than what you CAN’T do

Guest Post by: Dana Smithers of Law of Attraction Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

Were you aware that everything you manifest in your life is attracted to you by something called the ‘Law of Attraction’?

If you have ever hear yourself saying ‘oh that’s a coincidence’ or ‘that happened out of the blue’, ‘that’s karma or fate’ you are actually experiencing the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that operates 24/7 365 whether you are aware of it or not. And the reason it is super important to know how this does work is because ‘you’ can learn how to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want all beginning with your words and thoughts!

There is a direct relationship between the results you get in your life and your mindset. This is what it looks like:

The Law of Attraction - Dana Smithers

So if you have a negative mindset that consistently tells you – you can’t do something, you can’t achieve something, you can’t be someone, you fill in the blank… – well the truth is you will make that your truth. That negative mindset gives off a negative vibe or vibration and the law of attraction’s job is to match it. So, if you keep berating yourself (or worse someone else) you just keep getting more of the same crap!

And this is how you change it…you choose …new words to say to yourself, you choose new thoughts about what you can do, who you can be – you change those negative vibes to positive ones and you get a new, positive result in your life. This may not sound simple to you but I know so many women entrepreneurs that I have coached or someone else has worked with to shift their mindset – that’s proof enough to me that you can do this too! Look for your own proof – find women who inspire you and connect with them to become part of their community.

I want to give you my Law of Attraction ‘ABCs’ to shifting your mindset and with that shift you are  creating a new, healthy you. It goes like this:

A – aware: shift your awareness of what you are saying to yourself. Stop the negative mindfrick. Pay attention and notice when this happens because you will also feel your energy sink and intuitively you know this is not how you want to feel, and it’s not your truth. Positive change can only occur when you are aware of the negative thoughts, feelings and actions you have. You and only you can do this.

Bbelieve: listen to what limiting belief (s) you are saying about yourself. Ask yourself has anyone achieved more in their life by changing their beliefs? Look for the proof and dig deep to find out where your limiting beliefs came from. Who said something to you that knocked you down? Was it your truth?  Be a major ‘proof seeker’ that shows you other people have what you want in your life. That makes it possible regardless of what you see in front of you right now.

Cchoose: the choice is all yours. Reset your entire languaging around who you are, what you have to offer to the world. Choose a different way to respond (let reacting go…take time …breathe…think first) to what you are saying to yourself, or someone is saying about you that is negative. Choose to be brave enough to take just one small step in the direction you want to see yourself moving into. No leaps required unless you get your ‘ah ha’ moment and you decide leaping is best – then go for it!

This is all about the transformation of you shifting your negative ‘no can do, no can be’ mindset to:

Law of Attraction - Dana Smithers

Think about ‘why’ you want to make a different choice next time something comes up for you. Are you doing it for yourself, your children, your partner, your mother, your father, your community? Do you want a better, richer more meaningful life? Start building your self-esteem muscles just one step at a time. Know that you are worth it, you are valued. And if you have children then you start modeling how you want them to think. Making different choices in life starts with one decision at a time – take it, celebrate it and then make another better choice!

One final thought to leave you with:

People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you – Is it time for you to change that?



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