US Election 2016 – A Healing Crisis for a Nation & for the World


I purposely stayed off Social Media last night to avoid getting caught up in the Real Life Drama, Fear and Anxiety of a Nation poised on the edge of a cliff ready to jump. I tried to get some sleep, was unable to, and somewhere around 3am I inadvertently discovered that Trump had indeed been elected President of the United States. At this point, since I now knew, I opened up my Social Media feeds to see the overall temperature of our Neighbours to the south, as well as our own Country’s thoughts and feelings. What I saw made me take pause…

Post after post of negativity, fear, anxiety, shame, hate, judgement and on and on it went. I admit, I have trouble saying ‘President Trump’ without feeling like I’m gagging a bit in the process, but it passes and then I remember that I am the master of my own domain, and that what the world needs now is love, sweet love – ( song reference is intentional – sing it along with me)

I understand the remorse, I understand the fear, I understand the disgust and all of the other negative feelings that we are needing to process, but when the processing is done, it is up to each and every one of us to be very CLEAR in what we stand for, and continue to stand for it with confidence, assurance and peace.

 Trump may have won the election, but he has not won the ability to influence my state of mind, my peace, or my mission every day to put positivity and acceptance out into this world by being an agent of truth and change.

Trump may have won the election, and it may seem bad, but as with any healing crisis, the toxic must be brought to the surface before the body can heal – so with that perspective I see it as a WIN. These negative things have always been there in our world, under the surface, wreaking havoc unknown and with no awareness. NOW they are visible in one of the most powerful countries in the world, NOW they are apparent and NOW more than ever we can stay the course, see it through and heal the disease that is rotting us from the inside out.

Consider Trump a symbol – a symbol of our shadow selves, the part that lives within all of us that needs to see the light in order to be abolished. My plan moving forward is to focus on the following in order to commit to the healing process that is taking place right now whether I am ready for it or not:

Love over Fear: I will persistently choose love over fear, even when, ESPECIALLY when faced with a darkness that I am convinced will ruin us all. Choosing love over fear will shift my mindset to that of expanse, abundance and hope. Choosing love will allow me to walk away from the fear, thus be free from the control of  those who are creating the fear wish to have over me.

Community over Competition – I will continue to spread the message of inclusion, connection, collaboration and community rather than give in to the hate, fear, and need to be FIRST. I will stand with my fellow beings and be a beacon of my message. A beacon that will shine so bright it can be found, so that others can then learn to shine their own beacon and beckon others to do the same.

Resistance is Futile What you resist, persists. Accepting they way things are allows us to step back, take stock and intuitively assess where we go from here. If we expel all of our energy on resisting, we will miss the opportunity that acceptance gives us to start a new way of being and to cleanse ourselves of the cancer within and without. We need to preserve our energy and put it into creativity and innovation – we need to become artists of our lives and imagine the world we desire into existence.

What I focus on I will get more of From the basic Law of Attraction I will train myself to focus my thoughts on what I desire in my life rather than what I don’t want, since what I focus on the most is what I will end up experiencing. To be an open vessel to receive good, I must be willing to let the bad go. Let go of negativity, fear, loss, shame – all of it. Feel it, but then let it go and train the mind, heart and soul into the life we want to experience.

Practice Non Judgment – realize that judging anyone, is judging – no matter if you are right or if you are wrong. Judging keeps us excluding and not inclusive. Raising my vibration enough to realize that judging anyone, no matter how ‘buffoon like’ they are is giving them more power,  the power to affect my state of mind, and my inner peace. Letting go of judgement puts the power back in my hands where it belongs.

Continue to share my values as a thought leader – Nothing worth having comes easy. This reality is no different – as we face struggles and energies such as racism, bigotry, warmongering, narcissism, hate and divisiveness we counter it with their opposites – Inclusion, peace, compassion, love and connection. Now, more than ever my message is important and I must keep having the courage to share it.

The truth is visible – This one is the best of all – Trump is not a politician – he doesn’t hide the darkness, he doesn’t sugar coat it or pretend to be something else – he just IS. The slithering politician that is constantly changing form  is far more dangerous. Trump is manageable, because he is what he is. What we see is what we get, we can work with that and continue to be a force that overpowers by sheer determination and inability to be swayed into his limited view of the world.

I am the Master of My Domain – It all comes down to this. I am the master of how I respond. I can feel what I feel, but then I let it go and move on and CHOOSE how I will proceed. I choose to dig down even deeper. I choose to embrace love over fear. I choose to not spread the hate and anger, but rather to see the light through the darkness and understand that although it may feel like we have stepped backwards, we are actually moving forward and digging out the toxic from way below.

Trump is just a Puppet – lastly, the most important. Trump is just a puppet for those that really hold the power. So, it is even more apparent that we must continue to stand against those who wish to control us with fear. Trump is a businessman, he is not a leader, nor is he a person who can handle incredible responsibility – he is just a face, a distraction if you will, away from the true greed, power and control. With Trump, now more than ever, we can see past this act and become aware of the truth.

US Election 2016 - a Healing CrisisWill you join me on this healing journey? Will you feel your feelings, let them go and then DECIDE for yourself, for your families, for your Community and for your Country to embrace love over fear? Will you welcome new perspectives and open up for a positive way of moving forward?

It’s up to us, If one person like Trump can dream up the seemingly impossible and become it, then most assuredly we can do the same and create a reality that is in line with what we desire. Be the candle in the darkness, be unwavering and be true.

May you take your power back and refuse to give in to the fear!

Take a stand by changing your language. Use Social Media to perpetuate the love, not the fear. Spread the message you want to, rather than support the message that you are resisting. Let’s start right now!


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