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It’s not easy being a ‘boat rocker’ and that’s because you have to go against the ‘norm’ and not be afraid of pushing the envelope, being innovative and standing strong in your convictions while the world around you plays it safe and sticks with the herd.

I’ve never been one for hanging with the ‘sheeple’ and it creates controversy, sure, but I also find it creates the most authentic and genuine relationships because everything is #JustReal. As a blogger, I get a fair amount of products and services to review and share my thoughts about, and not many of them ‘make the cut’ because frankly, they are more interested in the selling than they are interested in the people they are selling to. It’s a big mistake that many businesses make, so when I find a business that invests its time, energy, resources and people into developing relationships rather than ‘selling’ I take notice.

I am one of the WORST people to try and sell something to. I’ll make things very difficult for you. BUT, the funny thing is, if you treat me with respect, be real and genuine and aim to connect to me first, I’ll likely have an interest in what you do or what you sell because it becomes an extension of you. And, if you’ve taken the time to connect authentically, then I do the same in return.

So, when this Company, Chorus Supernatural contacted me via social media to ‘test drive’ their products, I was skeptical. Many of those messages are sent and then when I reply they don’t often continue the engagement and further the relationship. This company did. And each conversation we had after that kept building on the relationship. What I particularly liked is that they wanted to OFFER me something before ASKING me for something – which is another ‘miss’ many businesses are guilty off. Buy, Buy, BUY! is their message, and I tune it out. Chorus Supernatural connected with me, asked me what I’d like to try, and sent it to me within a few days – and they didn’t just sent ‘tester’ packages. You know those things that are so tiny you can’t REALLY see how a product works because they don’t give you enough? Chorus sent me full sized Shampoo and Conditioner after I told them I struggle with taming my ‘rock the boat’ hair and could use some support.

When you’ve already taken the time to build up a relationship with me like this, the product is already half sold. SO, when the product ALSO delivers, you are just simply golden and rock my world. This was my experience with this Company.

Who is Chorus Supernatural? It is local ( of course ) based in Vancouver and their message is that they were created to be a force for positive change – boat rockers – They want to provide safe, effective products to everyone for an affordable cost. They meet the highest ingredient safety certification standards, with designations from CertClean and industry leading scores from The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep safety ratings system.

Chorus Supernatural - Hair care that is out of this world Kaare long

They guarantee that any Chorus product you consume or put on your skin or hair is 100% naturally derived and unsullied ( I love that word)  by synthetics or harsh chemicals. YAY! But, hold the boat – I’ve tried many products that are natural products, and although they may be non synthetic and organic and all, they just SUCK at caring for my hair. I’ve tried everything out there because I simply REFUSE to use mainstream synthetic and toxic products on my body or around my kids anymore. But, this has always seemed like a sacrifice for health over actual effectiveness, and although it was not the greatest compromise, I happily did it to preserve myself and the environment. BUT, what if you could have BOTH?  I was pleasantly surprised by this duo of haircare products that they sent me that seemed to do just that:

The Volumizing Shampoo and the Gentle Conditioner

56f59dab_ch061 Chorus Supernatural - Hair Care that is out of this World Kaare Long


They are free of sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, artificial preservatives and artificial fragrances AND they made a BIG difference in the texture and feel of my hair almost immediately. Because I received the full size products, I was able to test them out for a full week and each application of the shampoo and conditioner brightened and lightened up my hair even more. This is not an easy task. My hair is fine, unruly and almost always damaged since it’s so overly sensitive and bristles even looking at a flat iron. Upon first use, the shampoo didn’t foam up, which is always a good sign for me because it means there are no foaming agents in it, it wasn’t until the 3rd use when all the crap on my hair was gone that the foaming started. It is truly a gentle shampoo, it smells gentle and it doesn’t strip my hair of the oils I need. Usually I MUST use conditioner after shampooing because my hair is so brittle, not so with this shampoo, the conditioner became a choice, not a must. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The proof is in the picture, take a look at the progression.


Supernatural Chorus prides itself on sourcing ingredients locally from the coastal waters and wilderness of Vancouver Island. These four supernatural substances are the foundation of all their products:

Chorus Moor – a blend of more than a hundred species of herbs, plants and flowers.

Chorus Clay – a unique, green clay that comes from a remote mountainside deposit.

Chorus Phytoplankton – a sustainably sourced blend of 60+ wild species of marine phytoplankton.

Chorus Seaweed – Sustainably harvested Giant Kelp, which grows about 2ft per day and absorbs nutrients from the ocean and keeps the waters pristine and unpolluted.

Naturally sourced, Sustainability, Relationship Building, Community Minded, Accessible and Local – these are all the elements that I look for when recommending a product or service. These elements are rare to find in many companies these days, so when I find it, I am sure to stay loyal and share this wealth with others. Of course, longevity will secure the deal for me, as long as this company stays real, stays sustainable and stays connected to their clients I will continue to support them.  As a local business, I am also determined to support this company in its efforts to grow, build their own community and rock the boat by changing the way businesses DO business. I could see this business becoming  B Corp certified someday. These guys get a big ‘Boat Rockin’ stamp of approval from me.


This product ROCKS the boat - kaare long

Visit their website and join them on their Social Media Platforms, tell them I sent you and that you’re curious to try them out!:



You’ll find that Chorus offers a wide array of products, aside from the Haircare that I tried.

  1. Skin Care
  2. Body Care
  3. Nutrition
  4. Sun Care
  5. Men
  6. Wellness
  7. Aromabalance
  8. Kids

I suggest you connect with them, introduce yourself and start trying some products for yourself. As a business, they come highly reccomended by me since they provide the full experience from start to finish that is of the highest of quality and service.

Bravo Chorus Supernatural! 

For a list of TOXIC substances for both your body and the environment click HERE – be sure you don’t find any of these on the ingredient list of your beauty and healthcare products.

If you’d like me to try any other of the other products they sell, let me know and I’ll give it a test run!

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