Sparkling Hill Resort | Relax, Renew, Revitalize

  Sparkling Hill – could it be the answer to busy burnout? As a mom and an entrepreneur I can easily own the truth that I push and push myself to the point of exhaustion on a regular basis. A good deal of focus for me is in working towards maintaining more of a balance READ MORE

‘Daily COMPLETE’ – Spring Self Care from Moor Spa

  Spring is in the air, renewal is everywhere! It’s a good feeling. And it’s around this time of year where we need to start taking stock and checking in to see how our ‘self care’ is doing. Are you doing well? Or, like many of us, has the spiral from the Holiday Season and READ MORE

Chorus Supernatural – Hair Care That is Out of This World

  It’s not easy being a ‘boat rocker’ and that’s because you have to go against the ‘norm’ and not be afraid of pushing the envelope, being innovative and standing strong in your convictions while the world around you plays it safe and sticks with the herd. I’ve never been one for hanging with the READ MORE