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Spring is in the air, renewal is everywhere! It’s a good feeling.

And it’s around this time of year where we need to start taking stock and checking in to see how our ‘self care’ is doing. Are you doing well? Or, like many of us, has the spiral from the Holiday Season and the end of the Winter Weather put you in more of a survival mode. And, has your attention to taking care of yourself been less than ideal?

Spring is harvest planting time for the mind, body, spirit and likely those legs that haven’t seen a shaver in 6 months! Warmer weather will mean lighter and less clothing and you’ll want to feel and look your best in all ways.

I’m not a great advocate for any ‘beauty regimen’ as I resist the process as ‘superficial’ most of the time. To be fully beautiful we need to accept our beauty as it is, not as $1000 of product makes it. The before and after pics that are the most strikingly different are the ones that worry me the most. It’s not natural, and it’s not appealing to me to see a fresh, natural face morph into a plastic, 5 layered makeup face with a photo filter. It just screams insecurity and unhealthy to me and I don’t care to connect with it. There is a pathology to that need for perfection and my belief in that limits my desire to use many, if any of, the beauty products that are out there.

However, I DO enjoy testing and trying and usually buying products who promote a state of healthy, happy and natural living. These products are designed more to support our bodies and our own natural states rather than change them into something else. First of all, it’s not healthy putting all that toxic crap on our bodies and our faces. Secondly, it’s not healthy for our dear Mother Earth for us to be using all that toxic crap. It’s JUST. NOT. HEALTHY.

So, when a company comes along that focuses on utilizing natural ingredients, promoting natural uses and protecting our natural environment I take notice. Moor Spa is a local company – something else that is important to me – and they create a ‘Wellness Line’ that is inspired directly by the healing powers of nature. Their products all  contain the exclusive Austrian Moor, a nutrient rich plant/flower/herbal complex that enhances skin’s health and appearance. Sure, anyone can SAY that right? We’ve all had enough of false marketing and things acting better than they are. Unlike many products which claim to be natural, Moor Spa is completely free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances and petroleum-derived chemicals such as PEG, propylene glycol or mineral oil. The source of every ingredient that they use is listed in a 100% Natural Source Guarantee for each product. Better yet, they are CertClean certified – which is a North American organization that awards certification to companies that pass the ‘clean’ test. Products are also subject to random ‘testings’ when a company is certified so you can be sure ingredients STAY all natural.

So, with this BIG hurdle of my own around safety when it comes to even trying wellness products out of the way, I chose to test out a  regimen of products that I handpicked to support my self care every day from their product line. I called this little kit the ‘Daily Complete’. It’s a daily support of a bunch of different products that are easy enough to use, and also safe enough to use daily.


Lip Balm, Hair and Scalp Mask, Botanical Shampoo, Hydrating Toner and Balance Cream for Women. This little ‘Daily Complete’ package became my best friend during the weeks following the initial opening of the box. I’ll tell you why these products worked so well for me and why I came to love them and even rely them as part of my daily routine.

First of all, my daily routine around a beauty regimen includes the least amount of effort that I can mange – we’ve already established that I’m not a fan of ‘over preening’ – so, these products had to be easy to use, fit into my busy lifestyle and also not cause me any issues with allergies, skin breakouts or the like. They also had to make a difference for me to bother with them. Because who wants to pay for products, and then go through the trouble of remembering to use them if they don’t even do anything? I surely don’t, in fact it usually annoys the crap out of me when products that promise to deliver certain results just don’t work – and this happens more in natural products because they are hoping to cash in on the ‘natural’ branding more than anything and they fail to actually deliver. I can see through this and It really bothers me – yes, I’m damn hard to impress, which makes it even more impressive when I’m impressed. Right?

I’ll break each product down and share with you what I enjoyed most about it.

Daily Complete lip balm Moor SpaLIP BALM Everyone loves lip balm. I love lip balm that is easy to wear, isn’t going to kill me if I happen to lick my lips after applying it and also due to this, tastes good if I happen to lick my lips after applying it. A nice white applicator and a basic, discrete lip balm that has a slight smell of spearmint. This mint also tingles the lips a bit to give me a lovely ‘boost’ so my lips feel hydrated and happy at the same time. Made with cocoa butter, almond oil, beeswax, spearmint and rosemary this became my fav carry along in my purse, ready when I needed it.



Hair and Scalp Mask - Moor SpaHAIR AND SCALP MASK – My hair is rather thin, and I am prone to getting dandruff periodically since my body sensitivities are very active and real. If I eat the wrong food, or fall out of balance any other way, my scalp will assuredly communicate this to me. While I remember to sort out my diet and eat well I can use the mask to support and assist in the re-balancing externally. This mask has a pleasant earthy smell and is easy to apply. It’s better when you have some time to apply heat to it, so you do need to make some time for yourself to utilize this daily support. This product not only supports your hair and scalp, it supports you in taking some much needed ME time. BONUS!  I enjoyed it immensely and love having it in my cupboard for maintenance and when I fall off the healthy food wagon.


Botanical Shampoo Moor SpaBOTANICAL SHAMPOO – Who doesn’t want a healthy, 100% natural botanical shampoo in their cupboard that gently washes your hair? That’s all I have to say about that. For a basic, no fuss, healthy, earth happy clean – get this shampoo into your cupboard.




HYDRATING TONERHydrating Toner Moor Spa – I must bring it back to my ‘no fuss’ attitude about personal beauty. I don’t usually use toner unless it’s Witch Hazel, but I gave this a try and I was addicted after first spritz. Such a beautiful, gentle smell to it and the green tea in it woke my skin cells up and gave a fresh but HYDRATING boost at any time I needed. I would use this both morning and night to replace a more cream like product for my face. It was lighter and absorbed better into my skin. I LOVE this product. I bet it will be REALLY refreshing in the middle of Summer on those hot days!



Balancing Cream Moor SpaBALANCE CREAM FOR WOMEN I’ve heard about the effectiveness of Wild Yam for assisting in maintaining hormonal balance for women. I’ve never needed to try it since my hormonal balance has been pretty good over the years. But I did try this product to see how my body would respond to it and if it made any difference. You apply the cream midway through your cycle to the inner thighs and the skin under your arms. It’s meant to support women who suffer from PMS, cramps and during menopause. I have to say after a try for one month, my cycle was different. I’ll need to try it for a few months to really note any difference and how it might be supporting my body during the moon cycle – but, as a product it is again mild and full of natural ingredients, which you can see the full list of on the Moor Spa Website. If you suffer from any of the above during your cycle, I would suggest trying this product out. It can’t hurt you, and that’s what I love about all of these products.

To view all ingredients in the above products, just click on their names and you’ll go right to the product page on the website. There is also a ‘safety rating’ for each product from 1-10 that reflects its safety levels ingredient wise.

Spring is a time to clean out the closets, sweep out dust bunnies, de-clutter, and start fresh. Spring bulbs start popping up, cherry blossoms on the trees begin their beautiful display, we start thinking towards growing plants in our garden or on our patio planters and the feeling is one of care and attention to new creation of life and renewed brightness all around us.

How often do we give our own bodies that care and attention? It’s not as often as it should be, and if you are looking to refresh your ‘Spring Self Care’, the Moor Spa products are a fabulous place to start. You will be supporting a local business, which is always an important choice, and you’ll be supporting the sustainability of our environment by choosing natural, earth happy products. AND, you’ll be supporting yourself by purchasing products that actually do work and stand behind their claims. The DAILY COMPLETE that I created is a combination of winning products that are just a tiny selection of the full line they offer. I am positive that you can create your own daily regimen based on your specific needs and will find a new best friend in these products to create your own ‘Moor Magic’ 😀

Like I’ve said before, I am difficult to impress since I’ve ‘been there done that’ and the simpler life is more my swag since I’m so busy maintaining a family, a business, my life and my sanity I just don’t have time to fuss about with, fussiness – so, when I do find products that fit into my lifestyle, and go a step further by supporting it, then I must share the magic – This has been the  ‘Moor Magic’.

When getting sprayed in the face feels REALLY good!

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When spraying yourself in the face feels REALLY good! ?I’m reviewing some amazing new, natural lifestyle products from @moorspanatural and I am a tad addicted to the Hydrating Toner for dry/devitalized skin. It’s alcohol free and full of botanical extracts ?so it feels AMAZING as a re-fresher. My work requires a lot of screen time, after a while it can drag me down. A spritz of this stuff and my face feels rejuvenated! These products are made locally and are natural – I don’t endorse synthetic anything. I’m very hard to sell facial products to since I’m a fan of just water on my face. ?This stuff, I use. New blog post review for #moorspa products is coming soon! #yvrblogger #yvrmoms #vancouver #buylocal #JustReal #facetoner #natural #naturalbeautyproducts #vancouverblogger #vancouverisawesome #productsilove #greenbeauty #sustainability #allnatural

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