Dare to be Real in a Digital World


I wonder what you see when you look at this picture?

I wonder if you notice the no makeup, zero primping, wrinkles and silver hairs. I wonder what you think of me?

Actually, I don’t. I dare to be REAL.

I love my eye lines that show the hearty laughter that has passed through my face so much it’s left memories and traces behind.

I love how young my eyes look with no black lines, smeared dots, false pigment and desperation to be what they are not naturally.

I love the rebellious nature of my eyebrows who refuse to be obedient and stand in line like soldiers stripped of personal values and dreams.

I love how imperfect my skin is as it maps out scars and experiences that have made my life so rich.

One of the saddest things I see on Social Media is the pathology of ‘perfection’ – it doesn’t exist, it isn’t real and it only serves to keep you afraid of your own power, since your uniqueness and imperfections ARE your power. [tweetthis]’Perfection is a Pathology’ – Dare to be Real in a Digital World #JustReal[/tweetthis]

Dare to be real, have the courage to not conform. Lead the masses by being an example of self love, acceptance and surrender to what is real.

Ditch the filters, the multiple takes, the staging, the makeup and the canvas that is so saturated with attempts of illusion that you cannot see the original masterpiece.

You are beautiful just as you are. Reality is our savior. Resist the urge to be anything other than what you truly are. Your attempts to alter fool no one, and they dim your light.

What the world needs now is authenticity, true connection and individuals who are not afraid of what is REAL. Embracing the REAL can be scary because it resists conformity and exposes all of your natural talents, abilities and beauty. What we are all most afraid of is confronting our own power, and our power lies in the truth.

Are you tired of the fake? Do you see right through the commercialism, falsism, fear and manipulation? Are you ready to be a voice of grounding in the world? Are you willing to see your inner beauty and embrace it? Do you long for REAL?

If you said YES to any of the above – work through the steps below on a daily basis to condition your heart, mind and spirit into loving your authentic self.

  2. Perfection is a Pathology – it does not exist. Surrender your need to be perfect
  3. Confront your fears – instead of just ‘reacting’ to the world, work on ‘responding’ and allow yourself to do it in your own way.
  4. There is no RIGHT way or WRONG way.
  5. Look in the mirror and say ‘I am Beautiful, just as I am’ – do it. It will get easier with practice.
  6. Look underneath the masks of others to see their beauty. When you start to look for it, you will see it.
  7. Accept your failures as the miraculous teachers that they are. Embrace and learn from them, don’t run from them.
  8. Wear your age as wisdom rather than decay. Learn to adore the lines, wrinkles, silver hair and sagging parts. Your body is a miracle, love it for what it has allowed you to experience. Honour the marks of your life as you would badges and awards. Wear them with pride.
  10. Plan your feet firmly on the ground, feel the roots and stand tall. There is NOTHING broken about you, there is nothing needing to be fixed. It is all a part of this joyous journey of life. Embrace it and you will become a leader by example and you will save the lives of many young women or men who will need to learn to love themselves. They will watch you and they will see. It is possible. I can be me.
The World needs this now. We need to see your light. Shine on!


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