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LifeSpace Gardens is a local organization that I’ve been supporting in OTHER ways for quite some time now. We connected with them for our last SayHiToaStranger event in Vancouver in August, 2015. They provided a PoP uP Garden in the Olympic Village as a Check Point for strangers to come and hang out, eat Veggies and say Hi! to each other. LifeSpace was just starting out then, and I’ve been watching them closely ever  since!

sayhitoastranger checkpoint olympic village LifeSpace Gardens Kaare Long
PoP UP Garden at the Olympic Space for Sayhitoastranger Aug, 2015

What they DO is provide city options for farm growing! They build beautiful containers that can be utilized in ‘tight spaces’  – the ones that you usually find in Urban environments. Those of us who live in the City, yet want to be able to grow our own food have not had too many options, up until now!

LifeSpace Gardens can custom create a self watering container for your home, or you can choose from the many they have already built. Bravissimo! For me, this is a powerful step toward sustainability, knowing where you food comes from and being able to GROW your own food. Check out their portfolio online and you’ll be inspired instantly!

I’m excited to support them in promoting their newest project – The Learning Garden. This project is committed to teaching children all about gardens, how to build them, take care of them and harvest them. I am so overjoyed to see this! Our future lives within our children, and when we can teach them sustainable practices like these, we are offering them the strongest opportunity for a positive lifestyle in the future.

This project is launching THIS weekend – May 28th. So be sure to mark your calendars and BE there with kids in tow!

More info below – and be sure to ‘like’ their FB page and keep up with their activities!

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Where: The LifeSpace Learning Garden at GardenWorks Lougheed – 6250 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, B.C.

Time: 1pm-4pm

The LifeSpace Learning Garden at GardenWorks Lougheed will see over 2000 school kids a year and be home to regular garden seminars and community events for children, adults and families alike. The 2000sqf space features a presentation area, a place to relax, and modern garden designs for yards, balconies and rooftops – all with the signature LifeSpace self-watering system.

This is a huge step in the LifeSpace vision of creating solutions and empowering communities to grow their own food where they live – Wherever that may be. Growing food together, this is what the future looks like.

About LifeSpace Gardens

When we work together, it’s for a shared purpose, and that’s pretty cool. We take a lot of pride in what we do and it’s taken us a while to get where we are. We work hard everyday to build the highest quality gardens that we can. We do this because we believe that growing your own food should be beautiful, and that your garden is your best investment. The self-watering system we’ve created really works, and that’s awesome too, because sometimes you just want to hang out at the beach. Authenticity and convenience is a combo rarely seen together, but that’s how we roll. If growing your own food is something you want to do, you’re in the right place.

About GardenWorks

GARDENWORKS is a friendly, enjoyable, and modern group of stores featuring a wide assortment of products and services for both experienced gardeners and for novices.

For more information about this program please Contact:The Learning Garden

Carissa Kasper – Gardens Community

LifeSpace Gardens
#8 – 262 E Esplanade
North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A1
[email protected]


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