The Dark Side of Mother’s Day – The Things We Need To See

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend. My very FIRST Mother’s day as a mother was tainted with subtle disrespect as I was pregnant with my first child, and my partner at the time decided that I wasn’t YET a mother, so celebrating ME was just not an option. Not the greatest way to begin the epic READ MORE

“I’m Late, I’m Late, There’s Too Much To Do!” Learning How to Ask For Help As a Single Mom

 By: Carrice Wong The ‘White Rabbit’ days: The to-do-list grew longer and my shoulders tensed so high they almost reached my earlobes. I hadn’t realized I was holding my breath and that my teeth were clenched until my jaw felt bruised and I had a moment when I finally exhaled. How was I going to READ MORE

A Tribute To Women Everywhere – Everyday and Every Way

Woman – she who birthed me and raised me. Woman – who I eventually became. Woman –  who I watch my daughters blossom into. Woman – the friends, colleagues and extended family who become my support and guidance. Woman who has faced hard times, clawed against the tyranny and oppression all around her. The warrior READ MORE

Surviving the Single Parent Syndrome

By: Carrice Wong Warning: Divorce when you have children may bring you and your family years of pain, struggle and suffering. Avoid for as long as possible. BUT – if it does happen, you can survive and flourish as a single parent. There is no easy answer sometimes when you are stuck between the lesser READ MORE

Damn Straight, We Should Be Paying For Trudeau’s Nannies

This is why people hate politicians. No, not Trudeau. The Conservatives using this nannygate non-scandal against him as a cheap political ploy to puncture his post-election popularity. The accusation of hypocrisy over government-paid nannies to help with the Prime Minister’s three young children feels petty and penny-ante. But as a parent, it’s also incredibly insulting READ MORE

Working Mom? Screw the Guilt – You’re actually benefiting your kids.

Source: Children Benefit From Having a Working Mom – News – Harvard Business School So, Harvard has done a study that claims children do indeed benefit from having a working mom. Slow clap, slow clap. Those of us who have BEEN working mothers, either in a nuclear family setting or as a single parent have READ MORE

The New Barbie Commercial Is Awesome : Mattel Got One Thing Right – It’s About the Kids

The newest Barbie commercial is beyond anything we could have expected from Mattel. It kind of makes us want to cry, but in the best way possible. Source: After 59 Years, Mattel Gets It Right: The New Barbie Commercial Is Awesome | What The Flicka? As I kid I had always felt deprived because my mother READ MORE

Let Your Kids Embrace Their ‘Dark Side’

As a parent, and as a person I typically tend to do things differently – separate from the ‘norm’ and what would be considered ‘Rocking The Boat’ in many circumstances. Hence the title of this blog – taddaa! I’ve learned that this ‘going against the grain’ aspect of my personality and my ‘need’ as I READ MORE