Really? Bowie AND Rickman? Am I Missing Something?

Have any of you gotten the feeling this week that somehow you didn’t get the memo of a real cool person party happening on some other planet In some other dimension?

It’s not often that I get wrapped up, or even pay much of a slight glance to celebrity ‘going’s on’ because most of it is drivel, overly dramatic and just plain juvenile. BUT! When two incredibly talented, handsome ( in that way that only the mature women of depth understand) pass over within the same week and who are the same age, my overactive mind starts to shriek – “PATTERN! That’s a damn pattern! It just CANNOT be coincidence! Can it? No, it just can’t!¬†Is there something I am missing? Is there something going on that I’m not privvy to that I think I should be?”

Bowie AND Rickman? Am I missing Something?Not that I think I’m on the same level as these two men, but in some ways I think I am. Both of them were very unique, very strong, very confident in their way – and their way was not NORMAL. It was far from boring and it was quite frankly – Out of This World Awesome. I could relate to these humans, or aliens perhaps. I often feel like I’m an alien on this planet so that would make sense that I would relate to them. It’s crazy, and a bit weird but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

The talent, intelligence, rawness and edginess that these two beings had in handfuls is such a rare thing these days and the loss is damn real. I feel cheated, left out and quite miserable when I think about it. Where the F#$K did they go?

This comes from some pretty fantastic shifts in perception for me about life and what it all means after my own Father passed away this Summer. I just started to really feel like death is more of a transition than it is an end. And when I see people from this planet leaving early ( 69 is still pretty young) it’s almost like it was on purpose. And I cannot shake the feeling that I am missing out. Not that I want to die, good god no, but I want to be where the really cool, authentic, genuine, unique and ¬†creatively genius folks are – At the same time, I get the feeling that It’s really not my call. And although I may realize I’m missing out on something, there is still more work to be done here. They are done, they’ve moved on, they’ve left a legacy and the energy they created must be carried on.

Ya – ok. I can roll with that.

I guess what I can take from this, what we can all take from this is that both of these men were incredible, talented and gave something to us that we didn’t even really realize until they were gone. There is that thing about appreciating what you’ve got when you’ve got it rather than when it is suddenly gone. We valued them, a lot, and now that they are both gone within a week of each other it’s a good time to take stock of one’s own life.

What do I value? Do I appreciate it? Life isn’t a forever thing, at least this life. Do I still have more work to do here? Hell yes.¬†

Bowie AND Rickman? Am I missing Something?So thank you Bowie and Rickman. Your leaving left a gaping hole that many of us are displeased with, but as always, your very existence and then ceasing to exist has challenged our perceptions, our way of living that we often don’t have much awareness about.

So I say – Miss them, grieve the loss but then do yourself a favour and be aware of what they stood for and what they were all about and bring more of THAT into your life while you are still here.

Peace out Gentlemen – you were an inspiration and continue to be so. Just keep that party going until I get there, and say ‘Hi!’ to my dad for me – he’s more than likely the one who invited you in the first place.

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