The Law of Attraction – Are you Friends or Foe?

Recently I was invited to take place in a 4 module workshop on The Law of Attraction with some business colleagues of mine.

Initially, I was a bit distressed about the time commitment, but then something in me told me that it was worth it and that I should just commit to showing up – show up to EVERY module and then share my experience with others.

I was joined by these amazing women in business:

Azadeh Yaraghi – GoGo Telugo

Anahita Shahrvini – GoGo Bags

Diane Najm – Photopad for Business

Billie Sinclair – Health and Wellness

Lesley Johnston – Lesley’s Virtual Office

The facilitator of this workshop, Dana J. Smithers of Empowered Women in Business is a guest blogger for this site and has written two articles for us:

How to get rid of your lack mindset and enjoy the Holidays.

Choose what you CAN do rather than what you CAN’T do

I am a FIRM believer in the power of our choices and our mindset in our daily lives. I strongly advocate for self awareness and self ‘mindfulness’ when it comes to navigating through life in all its perplexing glory. This is ESPECIALLY true if you are a woman in business and working with some typical ‘perceived’ barriers such as single parent, poverty, lack of support etc. This is not to say these barriers are not real – they most certainly ARE! Having been there myself, I know all too well the crippling effect that these limiting beliefs can have on us when we are working so hard to create a life that we can be proud of.

The phrase to focus on here is ‘limiting beliefs’ – It has taken me a LONG time to discover the depth and the darkness of some of the beliefs that I have held on to for dear life for many years. As human beings, we have a tendency to hold tightly to things regardless of if they are good for us or not. We crave familiarity and we crave staying with what we know. It’s nothing to feel ashamed about, we all do it. I spent years in an abusive relationship because my need to stay in the ‘familiar’ and to avoid the unknown was so powerful. Overcoming the shame was probably the hardest thing about leaving that relationship behind.

So, let’s agree moving forward in this discussion to leave shame behind. It’s not our friend, and really doesn’t have anything of value to give us. Identifying your limiting beliefs can bring about feelings of shame because it can be surprising how ludicrous they are when we actually LOOK closely at them.

The Law of Attraction is based on the principle of energy and vibrations. What we focus on is what we realize in our lives. The hard part is identifying where our focus is going and learning how to ‘reset’ and ‘refocus’

The job of the Law of Attraction is to simply – Match Vibrations.

When you carry around limiting beliefs and have them on REPEAT like your favourite song, you will naturally keep attracting that belief into your life. The Law of Attraction is like Gravity. It is always working whether we are working WITH it or not. It will give ylaw of attraction for business - Kaare Longou what you want it to give you.

As an example – my VERY limiting belief for years was the Single Mom Syndrome. I felt that the title of single mom was like a justification for poverty, for having no time, for being unable to balance life. And sure, it can be demanding and exhausting. BUT – the fact that I believed that it only brought the negative was what kept me there. Once I started to uncover this belief I was able to start my own business, launch my own business, fail at my own business, uncover more limiting beliefs, start again and re-brand my business and repeat. The growth I have experienced now looking back has been nothing short of amazing.

There are two energies operating in the world and they are: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE – you can either be varying degrees of one or the other. You can NEVER be both at once. At every moment you are sending out either a positive or negative vibration and the law of attraction is responding to that vibe.

So, how do you take this information and work with it every day?
  1. IDENTIFY – First of all, identify it as something that is real to you, become aware of your thoughts and your feelings day to day. Examine how many times you say the words ‘No’, ‘Don’t‘ ,’Can’t’ and how many times you feel fear in situations which identifies a limiting belief. Awareness is always the first step with any growth. It is the Catalyst to Change and it is your ally and your friend for your continued evolution as a person and as a business professional.
  2. RESET – Once you have identified what is causing you to fall into a hissy fit, or to lose your cool and start swirling around in anxiety – the next step is to RESET that vibration by shifting your focus from what you DON’T want to what you DO want.
  3. ALLOW – allow the positivity to flow. Let the good things in. BELIEVE in the positivity. Vibrations are a FEELING and not just THOUGHTS. This is why many programs that work with affirmations don’t really ever work – then you have just created another limiting belief that it is all ‘hooey’ and ‘mumbo jumbo’ since you have collected evidence that proves it. FEEL what you want in your life. That vibration will be matched – it is a Law. Don’t worry about HOW it will manifest, just trust that it will in it’s own time and stay focused on it.

These are some of the powerful tools that I learned in this workshop, and you can experience the same. Dana Smithers is now offering up these modules as a package that you can purchase. AND – as a product endorsement –  this opinion is based on my own extensive research, participation and evidence gained on its effectiveness.

This is NOT just another mumbo jumbo affirmation sales pitch – If you are like me, you are tired to death of all the ‘GET RICH QUICK’ schemes and programs out there that only serve to make the person marketing it rich. This quick workshop gives you incredibly simple tools to utilize so that you can navigate your life with more awareness and with more deliberateness to achieving what you desire. Dana is also a friend and colleague of mine, so there is that caveat. I trust this process and I trust her knowledge in bringing this process to your attention.

If you want to give it a whirl, this gets the BIG THUMBS up for me. Especially if you are a Single Working Parent, entrenched in a poverty mindset, dealing with a lot of negativity in your life, surrounded by many negative people and any other ‘shitty’ situations that you perhaps feel ‘victim’ to.

I know there is something deep inside of you that knows there is another way. I know this because I have been there. Trust that feeling and follow your instincts. I think by now you have learned that they are always right, it’s about time you trust what they say to you.

To learn more, please feel free to enjoy the recorded broadcast with myself and other women in business as we discuss what the workshop did for us and how it affected our businesses. To sign up for the 4 modules yourself – click HERE

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