How to Get Rid of Your ‘Lack Mindset’ And Enjoy the Holidays!

Guest Post by: Dana Smithers of Law of Attraction Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

With Christmas just around the corner you might be someone who is feeling overwhelmed about the holidays. Perhaps your negative fear-based thoughts keep snowballing so much so you wish the whole holiday season would just disappear and take you with it!

But here’s the deal if you are mom with children – as a mom and ‘leader’ of the household you have the responsibility (aka your ability to respond) and to set the tone for the holidays. And even though you may have feelings of being embarrassed, sad or even angry there is something you can do to make the holidays more meaningful and filled with abundance.

I invite you to consider what ‘abundance’ means to you. For many your first thought might be that it’s all about ‘money – and having lots of it’. You might be surprised to learn that …

Abundance as a Feeling and not a thing!

That piece of information may just help you shift your negative mindset into something more positive.  Let’s take a look at ‘how’ this actually works.

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful and hidden universal law of energy that operates 24/7 365 days of the year. It is your energy that attracts things, people, situations and circumstances to you. And when you attract things, people, situations and circumstances to you – you always have the choice of how you respond to them.

If you can make your mind shift from the mindset of ‘lack’ to one of ‘abundance’ everything shifts with that one thought. And one of the best things you can do when you feel lack or fall into your victim- poverty-consciousness is to ….

Remove money from the equation and focus on expressing Gratitude!

Your Christmas can be so much more IF you choose to focus on all that is good and wonderful in your life right now and I don’t care how dismal it looks. There is always something to be grateful for! When you have the ‘attitude of gratitude’ you automatically shift into positive energy and that positive energy attracts more positive things into your life.

One of the best gifts you can give your children is to spend quality time with them. Teach them the power of expressing gratitude daily by having a ritual of asking them each night what they are most grateful for in their day. Maybe a gift you can give to your community is some of your time and energy, or maybe even the entire family gets involved with making someone else’s life just a little bit better.

And with the money that you do have – be aware of how you choose to spend it. Think about what the best use of your money will be. Is it best to have fewer gifts under the tree and a more abundant feast at your table? Or is that one super special gift going to make your child hugely excited and will that excitement make you feel good? Think about what will bring you and your family the most joy at Christmas. As leader of your household it all begins with you.


Something I like to say on a daily basis after I’ve expressed my gratitude for all the abundance in my life is this. If you like it, use it, if not create one of your own that has a high vibration for you.

I am open to receiving Infinite Abundance from Source however it may come to me.
Thank You Thank You Thank You

And then observe what you attract!

If you would like to learn more about how to ‘Bust The Scarcity Myth’ using the Law of Attraction tools CLICK HERE to watch this Google+ hangout show!


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