5 Signs that you need to slow down in order to speed up…

  It doesn’t matter how self aware you may be, plugged in, tuned in, connected, guided, spiritually advised – if you are human, you will fail. And that failure is important because as we are humans, we learn the most from our failures. It’s logical really, but not something we spend much time thinking about. READ MORE

When you need to fire a client – 8 signs it’s time to move on

  Being an entrepreneur is tricky enough with it’s steep learning curve and multitude of tasks and things to remember every day. One of the trickiest things to learn as an entrepreneur is when it is time to ‘Fire a Client’ – Many new entrepreneurs gasp at this and think they will NEVER do that! READ MORE

The Truth Hurts ~ Only Those Who Refuse To See It.

The truth is pretty subjective because everyone believes THEY are telling the truth, that they are the RIGHT ones, that they know ‘what is what’. I’ve pondered this over the years because I have considered myself ‘burdened’ with the sense –  and the mission, that seems to run entirely on its own agenda –  to READ MORE