How to Strengthen your Community rather than Dominate your Competition

Original Article by Kaare Long published on Entrepreneur Mom Now In the world of business, the word ‘COMPETITION’ is as common as ‘budget’ or ‘bottom line’ – it is utilized frequently and toted as important for both marketing and positioning of your business. What IF I suggested a different way to approach business, one that READ MORE

Sometimes ‘Blah’ is the Best There Is…

  As a blogger and a business owner it’s important for me to maintain a consistency in both posting and connecting to people in order to stay current, stay up to speed with things and just…well, because it’s important. Right? Lately, I’ve been struggling with what can be called the ‘Blah’s’ or ‘Blues‘ – I’ve READ MORE

The Truth Hurts ~ Only Those Who Refuse To See It.

The truth is pretty subjective because everyone believes THEY are telling the truth, that they are the RIGHT ones, that they know ‘what is what’. I’ve pondered this over the years because I have considered myself ‘burdened’ with the sense –  and the mission, that seems to run entirely on its own agenda –  to READ MORE

The Ghomeshi trial was doomed due to one thing: Shame.

The Jian Ghomeshi verdict was hardly unpredictable, but it was infuriating for anyone hoping for some good news. Source: I Hope The Ghomeshi Verdict Makes You Fucking Furious It’s my opinion, regarding the Ghomeshi trial, that it was doomed due to one thing: Shame. I just don’t believe the criminal system is capable of handling READ MORE

A Tribute To Women Everywhere – Everyday and Every Way

Woman – she who birthed me and raised me. Woman – who I eventually became. Woman –  who I watch my daughters blossom into. Woman – the friends, colleagues and extended family who become my support and guidance. Woman who has faced hard times, clawed against the tyranny and oppression all around her. The warrior READ MORE