Sometimes ‘Blah’ is the Best There Is…


As a blogger and a business owner it’s important for me to maintain a consistency in both posting and connecting to people in order to stay current, stay up to speed with things and just…well, because it’s important. Right?

Lately, I’ve been struggling with what can be called the ‘Blah’s’ or ‘Blues‘ – I’ve just not had the ‘get up and go’ that I usually do. I’ve been less inclined to push out material both for this blog and for my business blog. I’ve been non enthused with networking events, and I’ve been avoiding social events like the plague. A certain amount of that is normal for an empath and an introvert – but sometimes I just lose all of my Mojo and start to get worried about it, and then because of the worry I get anxious, and then because I’m anxious everything starts to feel shitty and I just spiral downward from there.

It’s all kind of silly, and it dawned on me today that sometimes the Blah’s are necessary. Sometimes the Blue Mood is a process of creation and process in itself. There is a danger in the ‘always positive’ mindset that can confuse people into thinking that positive is the only RIGHT. When, in fact the negative,darker side of life and emotions are what allow the positives to be that much more powerful. Life is a balance, and that includes our negative, darker emotions which need to be acknowledged and nurtured just as much as our positive feelings. I’ve discovered this through my own trial and error – through ignoring or repressing negative thoughts or feelings I tend to only give them more strength, they become even more determined to ruin my life and get louder and louder. When I just STOP and listen to these feelings, give them some air time and show them compassion and kindness they then say what they need to say and move on.

It’s one of life’s little secrets:
ALL feelings are real feelings and what you resist will persist.

So, sometimes the Blah is the best there is. When I stopped long enough to realize that the Anniversary of my Dad’s death is coming in a few weeks, that I’ve been working non stop without a break for almost 6 months and that I’ve also been managing a school aged kid and a family within all of this – I just suddenly felt exhausted. And that is what I am. The Blah’s have not been something to worry about, the Blah’s have been urging me to just stop, rest and not ‘THINK’ about anything. That healing time, down time and stop time is incredibly important and as business professionals and super moms we often ( actually always) tend to forget this.

Sometimes Blah is the Best There is - Kaare LongBlah is Beautiful. Blah is a place where nothing is urgent, sleep is a priority and rejuvenating and relaxing are the only things on the ‘To Do’ list. Often, the things that keep me from remembering this are: “If I stop posting content, people will stop caring!”If I don’t promote my business, I won’t have any clients!” I’m acting LAZY!” – and although these statements could hold some truth, they really only apply if I am always lazy and just expecting things to happen without working for them. That certainly isn’t the case as a single mom entrepreneur – lazy hasn’t really been an option. So, I really have to stop being so hard on myself.

We are our own worst enemies, and in this situation this holds even more truth. There is nothing wrong with Blah, you are not a failure because you just need to stop thinking, doing, creating, driving and repeating the whole process all over again. Failure doesn’t exist anyway. Perfection is not something you will ever find, so don’t fear it. Listen to the inner voice when it speaks. It is a quiet voice and I often blow right over it and ignore it. Until I find myself lacking mojo and lacking enthusiasm for anything….it’s nature’s way of forcing the slow down. And it always will do that – force the slow down. Sometimes it’s fairly innocent as with feeling the blues or blahs, other times it can be more forceful and make you sick so that you stay in bed, or it can get really demanding and get you into car accidents or worse.

But, let’s get one thing clear – this force is nothing external, this force is YOU. It is your spirit and your body and yourself. It is trying to tell you something and sometimes we are so stubbornly ignoring it, we end up forcing our own hand.

Today – let’s try something different.

Let’s be ok with the ‘Blah’s’ let’s sit down beside them, hang out and eat snacks. Let the Blah’s have their way with you and don’t judge how long or short that time should be, just let it be. It’s my guess that when you let those Blah’s do what they need to, you will find a whole treasure trove of new ideas just behind them – be patient, be kind and be compassionate to yourself. If you don’t give it to you, you cannot give it back to the world, so take care of #1 ok?

Peace Out – My Blah’s are calling…


Do you experience the Blah’s from time to time? Let me know what you do about it ( or not do ) share your experience, I’d love to hear it!

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