12 Things Your Teenage Daughter Needs to Hear from You

The TEEN years are a bumpy time, there is no doubt about it. But, I’m of the strong belief that what makes it so bumpy is a Parent’s inability to see the teen as they are, rise above the drama and guide them through the murky world of hormones, social life, school and life calmly READ MORE

Unsolicited Advice And Why it Sucks

  Unsolicited advice It sucks and we cringe when we get it, but we are all likely guilty of giving it too. It masquerades as ‘loving support’ or ‘I can help them’ or ‘They don’t know what I know, I can tell them what I know and then they will be better!’ – no matter READ MORE

Magnificence is just around the corner! ‘Magnificent YOU!’

Do you know what the most MAGNIFICENT thing in the world is? It is you. Yes, YOU! Do you ever feel that sometimes you just can’t keep up with what everyone else is doing? Do you start to compare yourself to others and begin to feel discouraged that you can never be like them? We READ MORE

I Was Born a Warrior – It Won’t be Shamed Out of Me Anymore

Women of the world, this is a story for all of us. We have all hid our Wild Women ways, we have all experienced the pain of being separated from our inner Warrior. It is my hopes that this story will trigger a deep longing and a desire to never give up. I want for READ MORE

The Truth Hurts ~ Only Those Who Refuse To See It.

The truth is pretty subjective because everyone believes THEY are telling the truth, that they are the RIGHT ones, that they know ‘what is what’. I’ve pondered this over the years because I have considered myself ‘burdened’ with the sense –  and the mission, that seems to run entirely on its own agenda –  to READ MORE

Can You Be a Good Leader If You Have a Big Ego?

Can you be an effective leader if you’re also carrying around a big ego? Or more precisely carrying around a lot of insecurities that your ego needs to feed? Let me first break down what I mean by ego so we are clear on that – Ego is something we all have. It’s a development READ MORE

B.C. Legislature Welcomes 1st Female Indigenous MLA ( ROCK on Superstar!)

She wore her grandmother’s traditional red and black button blanket for the event. Source: B.C. Legislature Welcomes 1st Female Indigenous MLA In my writings on this blog  I talk a lot about overcoming adversity, meeting challenges and working with failure as if it were a close friend. I’ve learned and embraced that when life hands you READ MORE

For Those Who Are Not Political, But Definitely Patriotic.

Most of the time I could care less about Politics. I find them boring, childish, manipulative and just ‘beneath me’ – I don’t say that from an ego perspective, I say that because politics just hasn’t seemed to evolve with the rest of us. This recent election was proof positive of that, and further solidified READ MORE