B.C. Legislature Welcomes 1st Female Indigenous MLA ( ROCK on Superstar!)

She wore her grandmother’s traditional red and black button blanket for the event.

Source: B.C. Legislature Welcomes 1st Female Indigenous MLA

In my writings on this blog  I talk a lot about overcoming adversity, meeting challenges and working with failure as if it were a close friend.

I’ve learned and embraced that when life hands you extremely difficult situations, you always have a choice. A choice to become a victim, or a choice to rise above it all and become a leader. A leader for change, a leader for empowerment – and most importantly a leader for the underdogs of the world.

There is incredible power in facing your fears and overcoming obstacles that appear insurmountable. But, the power lies within you – all it takes is a willingness to access it, take responsibility for it and walk your walk proud no matter WHERE you have come from.

This most recent news about Melanie Mark – the first aboriginal MLA to be sworn in, speaks so deeply and so dearly to the raw, authentic and humbling power of a woman who has made choices to overcome, face her fears and make a choice to be a leader rather than a victim.

I’m so damn proud of this woman – I don’t even care that it is politics that she is in 😉 She’s overcome a difficult life in the most graceful way – by refusing to be a victim.

So, when you feel down and out and like life has got you by the short and curlys and you just can’t help but think that there is some sort of conspiracy to keep you down ( and don’t tell me this never happens, I know it does) remember just one thing:

The more life throws at me, the stronger I get, and the stronger I get the more I learn, and the more I learn the more I can share and the more I share the more I can empower others. 

Go back to SERVICE when you start feeling the slimy, yet enticing tentacles of victimland grabbing at you.

KNOW that you are meant to absorb, experience and rise above it all because you are a leader and you are needed in this world.


Way to go superstar. Now you’ve got it.


View the Video of her swearing in.

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