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Save a life by Saying ‘Hi!’

I have a story to tell today about human beings and connection - it just happened to me and it really hit me how important it is to share it. I just experienced true 'connection' in its rawest and purest form and I feel so blessed because of it. When I was a single mom, I often felt very alone. Society is set up these days in single unit homes, single unit lives and everyone just keeps to themselves mostly.…

Fake VS Genuine

How to Spot the Genuine Person and not Fall for the Fake One

Are they Genuine? I cannot tell you how many times I have asked myself this question over the years in both my personal life and in business. It is an important question, and over time, (especially in my line of business - Communications) I have learned some very valuable lessons about people and how they present themselves versus who they REALLY are. Usually the comparison is made between REAL vs FAKE people. I'm not going to do that, since I…

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Have a ‘Svelte Swagger’ this Summer!

  Who doesn't LOVE the basic black leggings that we have all come to realize are the best things EVER made in clothing for moms, entrepreneurs and everything in between? Sure, we've got colours and patterns we can choose from - especially on those more fun and creative days, but when it comes down to pure functionality in a wardrobe - those basic black leggings hit the mark again and again. I need to add here, I'm talking about the…

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