A Gift for All Mothers This Mother’s Day ~ BC Women’s Day of Giving



As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, there are so many things we can be thankful for and have gratitude for when it comes to our Mothers. I didn’t realize the immensity of the job of ‘Mother’ until I became one myself. And one of the biggest and most life changing moments for me in my journey to motherhood was the birth of both of my children. Both VERY different, yet both full of challenges and soul shifting moments that I will remember forever.

For both of these births there was one constant, it was where I was giving birth. Even though my second child was a planned homebirth, due to a circumstance that was beyond my control – and it truly was – I was a practicing Doula and midwife in training myself at the time, so I knew about natural childbirth, I supported it, fought for it and believed in myself to be able to do it. What happened to me, can happen – and I ended up having an emergency C Section at BC Women’s hospital to save my life and my child’s life. It was traumatic, but I do remember the professionalism of the staff and the incredible obstetrician who treated me with RESPECT when she learned of my lost homebirth plans.

Needless to say, BC Women’s has a special place in my history and my memory when it comes to celebrating my own Motherhood. So, when I received the opportunity to support them for a Day of Giving, I jumped on it. This day also supports local businesses, which is also something I enjoy doing. Treat YOUR mom to a special day, support your local businesses and give back to the BC Women’s Hospital to help ALL future mothers who may need to same respect and life saving help that I did.

Restaurant sales benefitting BC Women’s Hospital Foundation.

Vancouver, BC, May 14, 2017 – By dining out with mom this Mother’s Day, not only are you able to celebrate the gift of mom’s enduring love and support, you are also able to give to moms from all walks of life that pass through the door at BC Women’s Hospital.
On Sunday, May 14, participating restaurants will donate 5% of their sales in support of the women and families who are part of their community.


To participate, be sure to book a table at one of the below participating restaurants for Mother’s Day. There is something for EVERY taste palette from casual to elegant dining so you are sure to please your mom! You can even visit two locations in one day if you are so inspired!


I’m so happy that BC Women’s is also thrilled to partner with local businesses to support them while supporting the Women that they care for each and every day! This is a true Community Collaboration that I am ecstatic to get behind and I’d love for you to as well!

“At BC Women’s, we believe ‘healthy women create healthy families that build healthy communities.’ We are thrilled to be partnered with local businesses interested in serving both excellent food and goodwill to our local community”
Genesa Greening, President + CEO of BC Women’s Hospital Foundation


BC Women’s is dedicated to improving the health of women, newborns and families through a comprehensive range of services, research and education. Proceeds from this campaign will go towards supporting BC Women’s Hospital’s highest priority needs to give every BC mother and newborn the best start in life.

Averaging 7,000 births and 68,000 patients annually, BC Women’s is one of Canada’s biggest and busiest obstetrical centres.

As the provincial experts in maternity care, BC Women’s specialists diagnose and care for the riskiest pregnancies and the ‘sickest of the sick’ newborn and premature babies. 1400 of the sickest and smallest babies from around the province receive lifesaving care at BC Women’s Newborn ICU.

Women’s unique health care needs are met at BC Women’s through transformational services including HIV care for women and children, osteoporosis treatment, integrative care for complex chronic diseases, breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnosis, and genetic counselling.

BC Women’s reputation for excellence and innovation has attracted top medical specialists, subspecialists and leading-edge researchers, and it is one of Canada’s top medical education and training centres.


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