Enough with the ‘Hate On’ for 2016 already…

Let’s grow up and deal with our feelings.

I’ve seen it all over social media –  ‘Good Riddance 2016!’, 2016 has been a HORRIBLE year, I’m happy to say good bye!’ and many more like this. I can’t help but think that this approach is a tad immature. And if you are one who has proclaimed such ‘hate’ for a mere year, a mark on the calendar, I apologize if my directness on this topic offends you, but really? Blaming a year for all of the feelings you have about what has either happened or not happened is not going to make the next year any better. In fact, in order to ring in 2017 and make it a positive year, assimilating and processing 2016 first might be a better plan. Let’s grow up and deal with our feelings shall we? And if you’ve just been posting things on Social Media along this line because everyone else has, STOP IT! Think about what you post before you post it. Is it encouraging deeper thought, is it offering up value, is it providing elements for change? If you aren’t thinking about it before you post it, you might want to start – thinking and asking yourself ‘Why am I posting this?’

Why do we ‘hate’ on an external thing like it has been to blame for our problems? We do this because we want an ‘out’ we want a way to avoid having to look at the uncomfortable stuff and the feelings that have been uncovered with events that have happened over a period of time. The year has nothing to do with it, how you perceive it, process it and move forward with it had EVERYTHING to do with it.

Many feel that 2016 has been a particularly rough year. But, I have learned enough through time that challenges and struggles are often cleverly disguised gifts.

Instead of hating on 2016, the wiser choice may be to reflect on what this year has gifted us with. It has awoken many of us from slumber and shaken our foundation enough to realize the consequences of many of our collective choices over the years have led us to a place that we may not have expected.

As a Generation x’r many of my childhood icons left this world in 2016, and that offered me the opportunity to reflect on the burden we place on our celebrities who are just humans. We idolize them and project onto them all of our hopes and dreams, while lacking the realization that these gifts reside within us too.

We have been gifted with the power of darkness this last year. It is not something to fear, or hate, rather it is something to motivate us to find our way through into the light. The Universe is a splendid balance, and both forces must be in play for life to maintain its movement forward. Finding your own darkness and being able to look directly at it offers you the pathway to your own light.

In order to bring new hope and life to 2017, we must acknowledge the gifts and wisdom that 2016 provided. We must take a look in the mirror and change what needs to be changed – starting with us ( Thanks MJ) We must use this knowledge as we move forward into a New Year rather than cast the last year aside and act as though some external force has ‘done this to us’ and is to blame for how we feel.

The past is to reflect, the present is to engage and the future is to motivate.

I have great gratitude for the awareness that 2016 has brought to me individually and throughout the planet to us all. We are seeing things not seen before, and it is time to unite.

May the force be with you….Thank you 2016 for the awesome power that you were – Welcome 2017, I am ready! Are you?


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