Top 30 Mom Bloggers in Vancouver. The ‘Sheros’ in the land of Parenting. 

It’s time to vote for your favourite mom blogger of 2016!

Source: Vote for Your Favourite Vancouver Mom Blogger of 2016 – Vancouver Mom


A BIG HUGE ‘Boat Rockin CONGRATULATIONS’ to all the Mom Bloggers on this list!

I respect and honour you all! 

Recently, this blog was awarded the honour and the great joy of being alongside 29 other local Mom Bloggers as the TOP 30 Mom Bloggers of Vancouver.

This was totally unexpected for me since I’ve only been musing my thoughts and ‘Boat Rockin’ ways for less than a year. But, I’ve been learning to accept wonderful things in my life as part of ‘receiving’ – because you know – Law of Attraction and all that wonderful stuff. You CAN really live the life you want when you put your mind, body, spirit and soul to it. It’s just a matter of finding yourself first, identifying yourself and what makes you tick, and then sharing that uniqueness with the world.

I’m well aware that I make it SOUND easy, it is anything BUT easy. Finding yourself among the cacophony that is our everyday lives with kids, partners, business,  and life as it is these days, is a herculean task. It requires a demigod like commitment to honour your humanness as well as honour your great skills and talents – once you figure them out.

This Top 30 has a voting process where you vote for YOUR favourite Mom Blogger. I would ask that you please vote for ALL of the Mom Bloggers on this list.  You get 3 choices a day – so, you can vote for all 30. And PLEASE follow them on Social Media to support and keep up with the wonderful things they are doing.

Why I ask this? Because of that level of commitment I spoke about in the previous paragraph. All of these moms have had the courage to step outside of their comfort zone, embrace what makes them human as well as what makes them beautifully unique. They are ALL a beacon in the world, especially to the Women of the World. It takes much blood, sweat, time and toll to crank out a blog on a regular basis, ESPECIALLY while you dance around your other daily responsibilities as a parent, single parent, entrepreneur, partner, sister, daughter – and it goes on and on.

For me, a BIG congratulations for each and every Mom Blogger on this list is in order. You are all incredibly AMAZING. Every single one of you is a winner in my mind – and it will stop there for me.

As a society we tend to be wrapped up in awards, diplomas, certificates yadda yadda. But really? We need to be more wrapped up in values, integrity, authenticity and the loyalty each person has to their passion.

If you vote, vote all! Otherwise, enjoy everyone on this lovely list! It just wouldn’t be me if I was playing by the rules. Community is important to me, and it’s what I have made my career and my passion about. In my business I preach on about ‘Community over Competition’ because I believe very strongly that we will go much farther in this journey called life if we work together rather than work against each other.

Fellow Mom Bloggers – I Salute you and I Honour you!

Now, I cannot wait to actually meet you!

Thank you for all that you do, and for the bravery in putting yourself out there everyday as a beacon to other Moms all around the world.


Peace out <3

Kaare Long

Images courtesy of: Vancouver Mom

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