Holland America Line and The Port of Vancouver – a Divine Match for the High Seas

  Recently I took a re-positioning Cruise from Seattle to Vancouver ( a great way to review different cruise lines and ports). We sailed out of  The Port of Seattle at approx. 4pm and arrived in Vancouver, B.C. at 7am. We sailed on the ms Amsterdam from HAL ( Holland America Line) and we splurged READ MORE

7 Days Away With Just a Carry On – Not Possible. Or Is It?

Could I survive A week long cruise with 2 days before in port city – so a total of 10 days –  and only taking a carry on? Pfft…right…whatever. Really? Yes, really. I wouldn’t say it unless I had actually tried it and succeeded. And interestingly enough, this topic is searched like crazy on the READ MORE

Harrison Hot Springs – A Haven When It’s Hectic

Harrison Hot Springs and Resort is located in the small town of Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. It is about 5 mins away from the District of Agassiz and about 15 – 20 mins away from Chilliwack. From Vancouver, B.C. it is an easy 2 hr trip. Harrison Hot Springs has become known and appreciated as READ MORE

Tips for Newbie ‘Cruisers’: A Guide to Setting Sail Your First Time

First of all – Congratulations! Cruising is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to travel these days and there are plenty of reasons for that. Aside from the overall luxury of being on the open ocean – the pricing, food options, and multi port destinations are the best way to spend a week READ MORE