Gentlemen ( Since that is what you are) The world needs to focus on you now.

The two men tackled BrockTurner and held him down until the police came. Turner’s victim called them heroes.

Source: In Their Words: The Swedish Heroes Who Caught The Stanford Sexual Assailant – BuzzFeed News

There has been a total, blinding and complete social media wash out lately with all of us sharing pictures of a certain entitled white ‘boy’ who was disappointed that his 20 mins of action had resulted in a lack of appetite for steak – boo. And it’s perfectly understandable we are up in arms about it and absolutely outraged. It’s rape culture, and we are disturbed, deeply.


I’ve had enough of it. I even wrote about it. Somewhere along the way it dawned on me that the very thing I preach about – which is using social media for positive change –  I was not doing. I was so caught up in the lynch mob mentality.

In life there is a thing called The Law Of Attraction – it’s not hooey, mumbo jumbo, it really does work – I’ve seen it, and frankly it just makes sense. The biggest focus with Law of Attraction is that we get MORE of what we focus on most. And our realities reflect the level of awareness we have about that.

Hmmm – I had forgotten that golden nugget of truth. And now I’m changing that. I’m going to plaster these two Gentlemen all over my social media – because THEY deserve the accolades, they deserve the positive energy, THEY are the ones I want to focus on, because goddamnit I want more of them in this world? Don’t you?

So, let’s do this. As a united front – let’s focus on these two Gentlemen, for that is what they are – Gentlemen – in the truest definition of that word. Focus on them when you get angry about Mr. 20 mins, focus on them when you start losing your cool about it. Focus on them when you find yourself talking about it. Focus on them so hard that we can’t help but draw that positive energy into our lives.

Lets face it – we are the masters of our domain, we always have control in how we react to ANYTHING – it is apparent things need to change – that is the truth. It’s real that we are outraged and clamouring over each other to poke that rapist boy’s eyes out – or worse – (I had some pretty violent thoughts about what I’d do to him, and his dear ol dad. eesh..)


let’s – for a moment –  cease to become that which we judge and despise. Let’s be MORE than that, shall we?

If you are with me, keep sharing this image. These men aren’t looking for the spotlight, so we aren’t seeing them ,this is the only image we have and it should be everywhere.

They are the heroes, and they are the world we want to see. They are the example of fine parenting, self control, respect, compassion and BASIC Humanity.

Share the CRAP out of their picture and envision a world where THIS kind of man is EVERYWHERE!

Peace Out…

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