Do this ONE thing on the weekend for ‘Wellness’

Weekend Wellness

As you go about your weekend, I gently remind you to take in everything around you. You may not make it outside, you may even have to work, but that doesn’t mean you cannot still be ‘in the moment’ and breathing in all the awesomeness around you. As part of a Wellness routine, it is paramount to slow down, take in your surroundings and check in to how you are feeling, what sensations you feel and what you are thinking.

It is amazing how many of us don’t do any of that every day. And it chips away at your happiness and sense of wellness more than you know.

So, practice being PRESENT this weekend. If you fail, that’s ok – it’s not something you’ll be perfect at – but practice DOES make better.

Enjoy the things you find when you slow down! 


Be in the Moment for Wellness

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