The Power and the Pain of ‘Me Too’

The power and pain of 'me too' - Kaare Long
There’s likely a chance that you too have seen a ‘Me Too’ post in your Facebook news feed in the last few days. It’s pretty difficult to not be exposed to if you are a regular Facebook or social media user.

‘Me Too’ is an idea generated by a celebrity that has caught a wave and made it’s way into all of our realities via the social media vehicle. It is meant to show the magnitude of abuse and harassment that is experienced by sharing ‘me too’ if you have been a victim. It’s initiated a conversation and a dialogue that none of us really saw coming, and many of us perhaps not prepared for the intensity of feelings it would awake.

As someone who is regularly vocal and visible about my past of abuse and sexual harassment, I am so very happy to see the dialogue and the community around this movement on social media right now. I’m so sick to death of the surface fluff and falseness of social media, I’ve been hungry for more substance. I’m thrilled for the healing that can happen when we start talking about it. I know from my own healing that the talking was the most healing aspect and the beginning of my recovery.

HOWEVER – I also know that this healing and this talking is the hardest step to take and I had to be ready for it when I did it. It took me years to gain awareness and years to be able to express it, never mind share my story publicly. So, I understand that place intimately and I want those who choose not to participate in the ‘Me Too’ for ANY reason are still heard and still supported. It is extremely important that the soul of this wave be what it is and not get distorted into an oppression of it’s own. We have all had enough of that, clearly.

The SHAME of abuse can be the most difficult part to overcome. I applaud those who are ready to talk. I commend the men who are ready to talk with us. I am so proud of our evolution and our power in this moment. I am also so saddened by the magnitude, but also equally angered by the fact that it is not much of a surprise to me.

There is deep, healing power in this conversation we are now having on social media. It is global, it is touching us all and it is reaching the men in our lives too. It is one of the best uses of social media I have seen yet, since it is so individual, yet also unites in a solidarity. A smile is on my face watching this unfold. The smile is for progress, and for true connection.

YET, I also understand the pain here. I understand and respect the desire to not participate, the reaction you may have, or not have. I even understand denial, anger, frustration – since those feelings protect us from other feelings that we’re not ready to look at yet. There is no right or wrong here. We are a community, a global one now with the power of the social media tool at our disposal.

Whatever your story, whatever your position, your voice is heard, you are heard. We are support for the silence, since sometimes that is the best response. Connect to it, or don’t, still know that I have your back, at all times.

There is great power in this movement, we can all feel it. The news feeds have taken on a very somber, but REAL tone. #JustReal is just happening. There is also great pain in this movement for many. Keep that understanding close as we aim to love and support each other no matter HOW we respond to one social media wave. A story and an experience is STILL real if it’s not shared on social media.

Stay real, stay true, stay compassionate and stay YOU and what you need.

Kaare Long

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