Are you tired of Waiting for Spring? Let’s throw it a party it can’t resist



Ok, so Spring has been a bit shy this Season compared to most March days in the past for the West Coast – just when we thought it was here, it would scuttle away and let Winter take over again. We’ve been waiting, ever so patiently, but perhaps the waiting time is over. If you’re like me you are eager to start spending more time outdoors, being warm and a bit more dry and perhaps seeing that bright light in the sky again – what is it called? The SUN, right, the Sun. Spring is such a wonderful time of renewal and growth in so many ways, and it’s been a long winter. So –  Let’s get this PARTY STARTED! Let’s throw Spring a good one and maybe it will get over it’s shyness and come out to play for real.

I’ve got the perfect party ready to go for you and you are invited! If you enjoy growing your own food, yet you also live in an Urban area, this gig is for you. Lifespace Gardens in collaboration with ProjectGarden and GardenWorks are ready to get their ‘SpringOn’ and they are also ready to educate and support you in doing the same. Tutorials, Demo’s, Plants, Patio Boxes, Pop Up Gardens and all sorts of good things to get growing this season. From novice to experienced there is something new to learn and see here.

Of course, I’m particularly thrilled about all the local businesses coming together in collaboration for this because that is what Community is all about. I’m a SUPER fan of the businesses organizing and participating due to their Community ‘give back’ and consistent work to engage and connect. Instead of going to a ‘big box’ all purpose store this Spring for your gardening needs, support your local businesses and attend an event that will give you so much more than a barely watered seedling and a big bill upon checkout. Gardening plans, recipes, food, lectures, beautifully made garden boxes and so much more – like BEER and Good Music! –  will be there for you to experience and enjoy!

Details are below – what are you waiting for? Come on Spring, let’s get our Party ON!

Press Release

LifeSpace Gardens


Proceeds of local food/drink items going to Sprouting Chefs Vancouver, BC, March 10, 2017
To celebrate spring and the start of the growing season, LifeSpace Gardens, in collaboration with ProjectGarden and GardenWorks, is holding a Spring Party at 11am-4pm on Saturday March 18, 2017 in the Learning Garden at GardenWorks, 6250 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby.

LifeSpace Gardens creates self-watering gardens and is a founder of ProjectGarden, an educational platform for new food growers. ProjectGarden is made up of local partners dedicated to nutritious localized food. We host easy growing videos, Plant2Plate plans, recipes, events, and garden parties.

Project Garden
During the Spring Party, there will be:

  •  Free hands on education & demos by the LifeSpace Team
  •  LifeSpace pop-up Shop: gardens available for sale
  •  Growing menus, soil, & seedling to prep your garden for spring crops
  •  Local food/drink with proceeds towards Sprouting Chefs
  •  Music & socializing
  •  Giveaways, workshops, and free seminars provided by GardenWorks

We are proud to support Sprouting Chefs, a local non-profit in the growing community who supports the development and cultivation of school garden programs.
The event is open to the public, we encourage you to bring your friends and families.
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lycia Jones at 604-770-3090 or email [email protected].

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